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Jeollabuk-do » Jeonju-si » Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)


Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)   
Omokdae & Imokdae (오...
Omokdae & Imokdae (오...
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오...
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)
  • Omokdae & Imokdae (오목대와 이목대)
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1-3, Gyodong 1-ga, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 전주시 완산구 기린대로 55 (교동)
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• For more info: +82-63-281-2166~7
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Omokdae is located on top of a steep hill and is one of the places where Yi Seong-gye (who later became King Taejo, the first king of the Joseon Dynasty) stopped to celebrate his victory on his way home from a war with Japanese invaders at Hwangsan Mt, Unbong at the end of the Goryeo Era. It is also a place where Mokjo, one of Yi’s forefathers, had once lived.

Across from Omokdae is Imokdae, which is located near the foot of Seungamsan Mt. where Chimyeongjasan, a holy Catholic monument is placed. 80m down from Imokdae are memorial stones and a memorial house.

Imokdae is the place where Mokjo (forefather of King Taejo) had played war games as a child with his friends, a simple action which appears in ‘Yongbieocheonga’ (a 15th century ballad narrating national longevity and cultural achievement). Mokjo left the Jeongju area and moved to Hamgyeong-do as a result of a feud with the Jeonju Busa (public governing official). Yi Seong-gye (King Taejo) believed that Mokjo’s move to Hamgyeong-do five generations before his birth was a sign from heaven pointing to his founding of the Joseon Dynasty.
N/A (Open all year round)
Operating Hours
24 hrs
Admission Fees
From Jeonju Intercity / Express Bus Terminal, take Bus 5-1 or 79.
Get off at Jeondong Cathedral (전동성당) or Hanok Village (한옥마을).
It is a 10min-walk from the bus stop.

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