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Chungcheongnam-do » Geumsan-gun » Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)


Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)    
Nami Recreational Fo...
Nami Recreational Fo...
  • Nami Recreational Fo...
  • Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)
  • Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)
  • Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)
  • Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)
  • Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)
  • Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)
  • Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림)
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San 166, Geoncheon-ri, Nami-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충남 금산군 남이면 느티골길 200
• 1330 tt call center: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-41-753-5706
(Korean only)
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Nami Recreational Forest is the perfect place for leisure activities and family outings. The forest boasts a picture-perfect view of thick, green forests of broadleaf trees, crystal clear water, curiously shaped rocks, and waterfalls. From the top of the hills, you’ll be able to catch a wide-open view of the cliffs and rocks of Daedunsan Mountain.

Nearby the forest are diverse cultural heritage sites such as ‘Baengnyeong Holy Ground’ (former site of a palace during the Baekje Kingdom) and ‘Yukbaek Goji Jeonseung Pagoda’ (a Korean War memorial). The Nami Recreational Forest provides visitors with a unique combination of cultural sites and natural beauty, making it a popular destination among visitors of all nationalities.
Opening date
August 1, 1996
Hiking Course
▲ Neutigol Recreational Forest (느티골 자연휴양림) → 50 Waterfalls (50폭포) → Jureung (주릉) → Seonyabong Peak (선야봉) (Duration: 1hr, 40min)
Operating Hours
Accommodations: 14:00-11:00 (the next day)
Maximum Occupancy
Up to 3,000 people
Parking Facilities
300 parking spaces
Admission Fees
Adults: 1,500 won / Group: 1,200 won
Youths: 1,200 won / Group: 800 won
Children: 800 won / Group: 400 won
* Group: 30 people or more
Parking Fees
Small cars: 3,000 won / Large vehicles: 5,000 won
Available Facilities
Accommodations: Sanmak (Forest Cabins), auto campgrounds
Convenience facilities: Benches, shelters, walking path
Educational facilities: Outdoor classes, nature trail
Sporting facilities: Fitness facilities, children's swimming pool, foot volleyball court
Facility Utilization Fees
Forest Cabin
Rooms for 4 people:
Weekdays: 50,000 won / Weekends & Peak season: 60,000 won

Rooms for 10 people:
Weekdays: 70,000 won / Weekends & Peak season: 110,000 won

Rooms for 20 people:
Weekdays: 130,000 won / Weekends & Peak season: 170,000 won

Outdoor Camp Deck
A Type (Daytime deck): 5,000 won
B Type (Nighttime deck): 10,000 won/15,000 won
Reservation Info. for Foreigners
Online reservation only
Baby Stroller Rentals
Not available
Not permitted
From Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take an express bus to Geumsan (금산).
* Bus Schedule: 06:30-18:30, runs 8 times a day

Or, from Daejeon Terminal Complex, take an intercity bus to Geumsan (금산).
* Bus Schedule: 06:17-22:00, 10-15min intervals

* It takes about 40-50min by car from Geumsan Bus Terminal to Nami Recreational Forest (남이자연휴양림).

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