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Jeollanam-do » Damyang-gun » Damyang Myeongokheonrimwon Garden (담양 명옥헌 원림)


Damyang Myeongokheonrimwon Garden (담양 명옥헌 원림)   
Damyang Myeongokheon...
Damyang Myeongokheon...
  • Damyang Myeongokheon...
  • Damyang Myeongokheonrimwon Garden (담양 명옥헌 원림)
  • Damyang Myeongokheonrimwon Garden (담양 명옥헌 원림)
  • Damyang Myeongokheonrimwon Garden (담양 명옥헌 원림)
  • Damyang Myeongokheonrimwon Garden (담양 명옥헌 원림)
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103, Husan-gil, Goseo-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 담양군 고서면 후산길 103 (고서면)
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Located in the eco-village of Husan-ri (in Damyang, Jeollanam-do Province), Myeongokheonrimwon Garden was the garden of Oh Hui-do (1583~1623) of the Joseon Dynasty and served as a simple, countryside sanctuary where the scholar read and wrote many books. Main features of the garden are the Myeongokheon pavilion, where the scholar held lectures, and the square-shaped pond in front of the pavilion that is surrounded with graceful flowering trees.

‘Myeongokhen’ (the name of the pavilion) is the word for the sound jade beads make when they softly clink together; it describes the sound of the water lapping gently along the banks of the pond. The flowering trees around the pond include red pines and crape myrtles and beside the creek is a large rock engraved with ‘鳴玉軒癸丑,’ Chinese characters meaning ‘Myeongokheongyechuk.’

On the right side of Myeongokheonrim Garden you’ll see a 300 year-old ginkgo tree, which is where King Injo (1623~1649) of the Joseon Dynasty tied his horse when he went to visit Oh Hui-do. Myeongokheonrim Garden is as beautiful as Soswaewon Garden and in 2009 was designated as Scenic Beauty No.58.

Current Status
[Damyang Myeongokheonrimwon Garden] Gangwon-do Monument No.44 (designated on June 2, 1980)
From the Seoul Express Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Terminal
-Take the bus to U-Square (Travel time: 3hr, 30min) .

From U-Square take Bus 1 to Subang Sagoeri (05:40 to 22:20 / Departs every 10min. / Travel time: 10min).
-After getting off the bus, walk approximately 195m to the bus stop at the Subang Sagoeri overpass (Bus runs 06:30 to 21:30 / Departs every 2hrs. / Travel time: 31 min).
-Get off at Yeondong (Damyang) and walk straight for 600m.


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