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Gwangju » Buk-gu » Gwangju Station


Gwangju Station    
Gwangju Station
Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
  • Gwangju Station
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Gwangju-si Buk-gu Jungheung-dong 611-2
광주광역시 북구 무등로 235 (중흥동)

(Korean, English)
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Gwangju Station is the representative train station of Gwangju, a cultural and industrial city located in the southwest region of the Korean peninsula. The station opened its doors in 1922 and moved to its current location in July 1969. In 2004, it was included as a stop along the KTX (Korea Train Express) high-speed rail services. From the station, trains run to and from Yongsan Station (Seoul), Mokpo Station, Daejeon Station, and Suncheon Station.

Gwangju is the only metropolitan city in the southwest region of Korea and is an important node in the nation’s transportation network. The city hosts a variety of international festivals and events such as the Gwangju Biennale (an international art exhibition) and the World Kimchi Culture Festival. As a result, Gwangju Station is bustling with tourists all year round.

Points of interest nearby Gwangju Station include Mudeungsan Mountain, Jeungsimsa Temple, and Wonhyosa Temple.
+82-1544-7788, +82-1588-7788
Hours of Operation
00:00-24:00 (Open 24/7)
Main Routes
Honam Line (Gwangju-Yongsan)
Reservation Info. for Koreans
Reservations can be made by calling customer service at +82-1544-8545 or +82-1544-7788. Reservations can be made up to an hour before departure.
Credit Cards
Convenience Facilities
7 ticket vending machines, 2 snack bars, 1 bakery, 1 coffee shop, ATMs, 7 computers (pay per time used), nursing mothers' room, children's play room
Parking Facilities
3 parking lots (parking fees apply; open 24 hours)
Facilities for the Handicapped
Wheelchair lift, wheelchair rentals, restrooms for the disabled, braille signs, video calling (for the visually impaired), guides for the disabled
One restroom inside the station; separate restrooms for the disabled
Local Travel Information Center(s)
Travel Bureau of Gwangju Station: +82-62-522-5147
Take a bus from U-Square to Gwangju Station.

Bus info: Munheung 48 (문흥48), Imgok 49 (임곡 49), Cheomdan 30 (첨단 30), Jiwon 151 (지원 151), 1187, Circulation 01 (순환01), Songam 47 (송암47)

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