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Gyeongsangbuk-do » Yeongdeok-gun » Goesiri Traditional Village (괴시리 전통마을)


Goesiri Traditional Village (괴시리 전통마을)   
Goesiri Traditional ...
Goesiri Traditional ...
  • Goesiri Traditional ...
  • Goesiri Traditional Village (괴시리 전통마을)
  • Goesiri Traditional Village (괴시리 전통마을)
  • Goesiri Traditional Village (괴시리 전통마을)
  • Goesiri Traditional Village (괴시리 전통마을)
  • Goesiri Traditional Village (괴시리 전통마을)
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Goesi1-ri, Yeonghae-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경북 영덕군 영해면 괴시1리
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A walk along Songcheon Stream from Daejin Beach to Yeonghae-eup brings visitors to Yeongdeok Goesi-ri Traditional Village. The village is the birthplace of ‘Mokeun Yisaek’, a Confucianist in the late Goryeo Dynasty. For over four centuries, the Nam family from the Yeongyang region has lived in this village where there are over thirty 200-year-old homes. The place demonstrates the traditions and culture of generations of Koreans.

Goesi-ri Traditional Village, famous for its history experience course, has a number of designated cultural sites including a family house for the Nams from Yeongyang Goesi faction. The place is visited by not just tourists but by many history scholars as the village preserves the housing structure of the noble family of late Joseon Dynasty in Gyeongsangbuk-do province. The village also holds ‘Mokeun Culture Festival’ every two years.
Parking Facilities
Pets are not permitted inside buildings.
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Yeongdeok (영덕).
From Yeongdeok Bus Terminal, transfer to a bus to Yeonghae Terminal (영해).
Goesiri Traditional Village is a 20min-walk from the Yeonghae Terminal.
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