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Chungcheongnam-do » Boryeong-si » Oseosan Mountain (오서산)


Oseosan Mountain (오서산)   
Oseosan Mountain (오서...
Oseosan Mountain (오서...
  • Oseosan Mountain (오서...
  • Oseosan Mountain (오서산)
  • Oseosan Mountain (오서산)
  • Oseosan Mountain (오서산)
  • Oseosan Mountain (오서산)
  • Oseosan Mountain (오서산)
  • Oseosan Mountain (오서산)
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Seongyeon-ri, Cheongso-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do
충남 보령시 청소면 성연리 , 홍성군 광천읍, 보령시, 청양군 일원
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At 790 meters, Oseosan Mountain in Boryeong is one of the highest peaks on Korea’s west coast. Near the meeting point of three localities—Boryeong, Hongseong, and Cheongyang—the mountain is known for its natural beauty boasting a lush forest and pristine waters.

From the top of Oseosan, visitors can see waves of silver grass and fantastic sunsets over the West Coast. The mountain is also surrounded by other equally amazing peaks: Seongjusan Mountain to the south, Gayasan Mountain to the north, and Chilgapsan and Gyeryongsan Mountains to the east. Because of its proximity to the sea, Oseosan is one of few spots in Korea where visitors can enjoy both land and water attractions.

Oseosan Mountain attracts a variety of mountain hikers & climbers. Some enjoy the jagged cliffs and rock formations, others the winding paths along its ridges, and others the gradual incline leading to the peak. There are also several ancient temples and historic sites nearby such as Naewonsa and Jeongamsa Temples and Boksingul (cave formations near Ulgeum Bawi where General Boksin and his men staged the restoration of the Baekje Dynasty).

+82-41-930-3520, +82-41-932-2023, +82-41-930-3672
Hiking Course

* Cheongso Cheongyeon-dong (2km/1h and 20min) – Peak of Oseosan Mountain (1.5km/50min) – Oseosan Mountain Recreation Forest (Myeongdae Valley) (3.5km/2 hours and 10min)

* Cheongso Seongyang-dong (via Imdo) (3.3km/2h and 10min) – Peak of Oseosan Mountain (0.8km/30min) – Woljeongsa Temple (0.5km/20min) – Oseosan Mountain Recreation Forest (Myeongdae Valley) (4.6km/3h)

* Daehyeop Ranch/Gyeongbu Ascon (via Imdo) (3.2km/2h) – Gure (0.5km/40min) – Peak of Oseosan Mountain (3.7km/2h and 40min)

* Hongseong/Gwangcheon (Jungdam) (1.3km/35min) – Jeongamsa Temple (1.2km/45min) – Peak of Oseosan Mountain (2.5km/1h and 20min)

* Hongseong/Janggok (Dosa Elementary School) (0.8km/30min) – Yongmunam (2.8km/1h) – Peak of Oseosan Mountain (3.6km/1.5h)

Mountain Not Access Period
Seasonal fire watch period
Spring: Feb 1 - May 15, 2015
Fall: Nov 1 - Dec 15, 2015
Parking Facilities
Admission Fees
Admission allowed with Oseosan Natural Recreation Forest ticket.
Baby Stroller Rentals
Not available
Take the train from Yongsan Station to Gwangcheon (05:45 - 20:20, departs every 30min - 1hr 10min / travel time 2hr 15min)
Local Transportation
Take the city bus from Gwangcheon Terminal to Oseosan Mt. (09 :00, 10 :40, 11:20, 14:10)
Tourist Sites
Oseosan Mountain Natural Recreation Forest (국립 오서산자연휴양림)
Oseosan Mountain Natural Recreation Forest (국립 오서산자연휴양림)
  • Region : Boryeong-si Chungcheongnam-do
  • Theme : Recreational Forests/ Arboretums
  • Chungnam Boryeong’s Oseosan Recreational Forest is located south of Oseosan Mountain. The area boast...
Jeongamsa Temple (Hongseong) (정암사 (홍성))
Jeongamsa Temple (Hongseong) (정암사 (홍성))
  • Region : Hongseong-gun Chungcheongnam-do
  • Theme : Temples/ Religious Sites
  • As neighboring Oseosan Mountain goes through seasonal changes, so do the colors Jeongamsa Temple. Os...
Boryeong Eunhaeng (Ginkgo) Village (보령 은행마을)
Boryeong Eunhaeng (Ginkgo) Village (보령 은행마을)
  • Region : Boryeong-si Chungcheongnam-do
  • Theme : Village Experiences/Sightseeing Plantations
  • In Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Boryeong Eunhaeng (Ginkgo) Village is filled with ginkgo trees. I...
Julmudeom Holy Land (청양 다락골 줄무덤 성지)
Julmudeom Holy Land (청양 다락골 줄무덤 성지)
  • Region : Cheongyang-gun Chungcheongnam-do
  • Theme : Temples/ Religious Sites
  • Julmudeom refers to the unmarked graves of anonymous Catholic martyrs in Darakgol (Nugok), Cheongya...

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