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Jeollanam-do » Yeongam-gun » Korea International Circuit


Korea International Circuit   
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Jeollanam-do Yeongam-gun Samho-eup Sampo-ri 745
전라남도 영암군 삼호읍 삼포로 183
• 1330 tt call center: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-715-6520 (Korean)
Homepage (Korean, English)
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Korea International Circuit is the hybrid F1 circuit that combines two courses in Yeongam and Jeollanam-do. The circuit consists of two tracks: the F1 grand prix track and the regular track (stretching over 3.045km). The two tracks accommodate a variety of races. In addition to the F1 circuit, the Korea International Circuit plans to host both Korean and international motorsport events for years to come.

The total length of the circuit stretches over 5.615km, which is the second longest in the world behind Monza Circuit (Italy/5.793km). It is the longest circuit in Asia. The circuit consists of an F1 pit building (14m in height), a control tower, a media center, a building for teams, grand stands holding up to 120,000 visitors, parking facilities, and entertainment facilities.

Particularly fascinating is the fact that the track is run with the sea as a backdrop. It is also designed to maximize the speed of cars. It will host the 2010 F1 Korea Grand Prix, an FIA long-distance car race approved that is held for the first time in Korea.

Admission Fees
depens on the seat
KAVO +82-2-715-6520
Main Facilities
* F1 Pit & Paddock Building, Race Control Tower, Media Center, Building for Teams, Grand Stands
Parking Facilities
Parking Fee
Saturday 10,000 won / Sunday 15,000 won
Weekend 20,000 won (20% discount)
Take the bus towards Mokpo from Dong Seoul Terminal (07:10 - 17:10, departs every 2 or 3 hours / travel time 4hr 20min) >> Take the shuttle bus towards Yeongam Racing Hall

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