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Gyeonggi-do » Suwon-si » Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)


Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)   
Yeonmudae (Dongjangd...
Yeonmudae (Dongjangd...
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangd...
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
  • Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) (연무대-동장대)
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20, Changnyong-daero 103beon-gil, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (Maehyang-dong)
경기도 수원시 팔달구 창룡대로103번길 20 (매향동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-31-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-31-228-4686 (Korean)
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Yeonmudae is located inside Suwon's Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Situated on a relatively high hill between Changryongmun (the east gate of the fortress) and Hwahongmun (a north floodgate), Yeonmudae is an excellent military observation post with sweeping views of the inside of the fortress. After the fortress was completed in 1796, Yeonmudae was used as a training ground for troops for over two centuries, where they learned fighting skills involving swords, spears and arrows.

At Yeonmudae, visitors can learn archery while wearing traditional military attire; the fortress also offers a wide array of performances for visitors to appreciate traditional Korean culture. Yeomudae is included in the Suwon City Tour.

City Tour
Tour Course Information

Suwon City Tour
- Suwon Station Tourism Information Center – Seojangdae (Bell of Hyowon) – Hwaseomun – Hwahongmun – Hwaseong Haenggung – KBS Suwon Studio – World Cup Stadium – Suwon History Museum / Korean Calligraphy Museum / Saun Yi Jong-hak Archives – Yeonmudae (shooting an arrow) – Suwon Station Tourism Information Center

Activity Information

* Suwon City Tour
  - Twice a day (10:00, 14:00) run all year round (※ Every Monday is closed)
  - Reservation : Suwon City Homepage or +82-31-256-8300
  - Fare : Adults 11,000 won / Teenagers & Army 8,000 won
                    Disabled 5,000 won / Children 4,000 won


Facility Utilization Fees
* Hands-on experience program
Korean traditional archery : 2,000 won for 10 shoots
Interpretation Services Offered
Guided tour is available in English and Japanese
Suwon Station, Seoul Subway line 1 >> Take the bus #1007, 7-, 39, 82-1, 720 >> Get off at Changnyongmun

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