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Gangwon-do » Samcheok-si » Sea Train (바다열차)


Sea Train (바다열차)   
Sea Train (바다열차)
Sea Train (바다열차)
  • Sea Train (바다열차)
  • Sea Train (바다열차)
  • Sea Train (바다열차)
  • Sea Train (바다열차)
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13, Jungang-ro, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 삼척시 중앙로 13 (사직동)
Tourist Resorts
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-33-573-5474 (Korean)
Homepage (Korean only)
VisitKorea does not guarantee the quality of products or services introduced on its site and is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from use of said products or services.
The Sea Train is a tourist train, traveling over 58km, connecting Jeongdongjin, Donghae, and Samcheok. Running along the beautiful East Coast, every seat is tailored to see the ocean and windows are larger than those of regular trains for visitors to overlook the majestic waves, elegant beaches, and the emerald-blue ocean. Revamping three passenger cars, the Sea Train boasts a unique façade, seamlessly intermingling with the surrounding coast.

The Sea Train departs from Jeongdongjin Station and arrives at Samcheok Station via Anin Station, Mukho Station, Donghae Station, Chuam Station, and Samcheok Beach. The tour offers a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy the blue ocean on the East Coast and its vibrant vibes changing every season. Each stopping station is also unique in its own way, adding to the pleasure of the tour. Also, Samcheok-si operates Samchecok city tour program that offers a related tour with the Sea Train.
Travel Times varies depends on the trains. Please visit its official website for detailed information.
Operating Hours
[~until Sept. 14, 2014]
Departure from Gangneung Station 10:34, 14:10, 07:10
※Trains leaving at 07:10 operates on weekends only.
Departure from Samcheok Station 12:18, 15:48, 08:45
※ trains leaving at 08:45 operates on weekends only.

[from Sept. 15, 2014 and onwards~]
Departure from Jeongdongjin Station 10:28, 14:11, 07:10
※Trains leaving at 07:10 operates on weekends only.
Departure from Samcheok Station 12:17, 15:48, 08:45
※ trains leaving at 08:45 operates on weekends only.

※ The operating hours are subject to change.
Facility Utilization Fees
* Train No.1 (30 seats): 15,000 won / 13,500 won (Discounted)
* Train No. 2 (36 seats): 15,000 won / 13,500 won (Discounted)
* Train No. 3 (24 seats): 50,000 on (for 4 people)
* Train No. 3 (42 seats): 12,000 won / 10,800 won (Discounted)
* Proposal Room for couples (3 seats): 50,000 won (for 2 people) / Includes served wine and a commemorative photograph

※ Discount - Children, seniors, the disabled, men of national merit, residents of Samcheok, Donghae and Gangneung-si.
※ Inquiry for a group at +82-33-573-5474
Reservation Info. for Foreigners
Tel: +82-33-573-5474 or Homepage (Korean only)
Baby Stroller Rentals
Not available
* Pet carrieres required
From Cheongnyangni Station, take a train to Gangneung.
Train Schedule: 7 times per day/ Travel time: 6hr 30min

From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Gangneung. (2hr, 30min)
From Gangneung Bus Teminal, take a taxi to Gangneung Station. (10min)
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