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Jeju-do » Jeju-si » Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office) (제주목 관아)


Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office) (제주목 관아)   
Jeju Mokgwana (Forme...
Jeju Mokgwana (Forme...
  • Jeju Mokgwana (Forme...
  • Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office) (제주목 관아)
  • Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office) (제주목 관아)
  • Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office) (제주목 관아)
  • Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office) (제주목 관아)
  • Jeju Mokgwana (Former Jeju Government Office) (제주목 관아)
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25, Gwandeong-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 제주시 관덕로 25 (삼도이동)
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Located in Jeju City’s Samdo 2-dong, Jeju Mokgwana is the former central government office where the Joseon Period Magistrate of Jeju presided over political and administrative affairs from 1392 to 1910. Designated as Historic Site No. 380, it consists of multiple buildings, including the Dongheon, meaning a main administrative building and Naea, which means a building deep inside the government office. It is also home to Gwandeokjeong, National Treasure No.322. As the oldest remaining building in Jeju, built in 1448 (30th year of King Sejong's reign), Gwandeokjeong was intended to be a training ground for military personnel.

Jeju Mokgwana was burned to the ground in 1434 and rebuilt shortly afterward. But it was systemically destroyed during the Japanese Colonial Period (August 1910 to August 15, 1945) with the exception of Gwandeokjeong, which remained intact. The current Jeju Mokgwana was restored in December 2002 following four extensive excavation projects from 1991 to 1998 (in order to find its structures as well as locations of buildings) and based upon expert opinions as well as old documents.

Current Status
Hystoric Site No. 380
Open all year round
Operating Hours
09:00 - 18:00
Admission Fees
* Adults - 1,500 won (Group 1,000 won)
* Teenagers, Army - 800 won (Group 600 won)
* Children - 400 won (Group 300 won)
Baby Stroller Rentals
* Take the airplane to Jeju from Gimpo airport (Seoul subway line 5)

* From the Jeju airport, take the airport bus or city bus (#100, 200, 300) and get off at Gwandeokjeong (10 minutes ride)

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