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Incheon » Jung-gu » Incheon Bridge (인천대교)


Incheon Bridge (인천대교)   
Incheon Bridge (인천대교...
Incheon Bridge (인천대교...
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교...
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
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3, Incheondaegyo Expressway, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 인천대교고속도로 3 (운남동)
Architectural & Sculptural Highlights
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Completed in October 2009, the Incheon Bridge is a six-lane bridge linking Yeongjongdo (where the Incheon International Airport is located) and Songdo International City. Stretching over 2.38km, it is the largest and longest bridge in Korea.

The degree of technological difficulty in building a bridge is often judged by the distance between its towers. The Incheon Bridge boasts an impressive 800m between towers, the longest distance between towers after Sutong Bridge in China (1,088m), Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong (1,018m), Tatara Bridge in Japan (890m), and Pont de Normandie in France (856m).

The height of the main tower of the Incheon Bridge is 238.5m, which is as tall as the 63 Building in Seoul. The British weekly magazine ‘Construction News,’ published a special report in December 2005, praising the bridge as one of the ‘Top Ten Architectural Wonders of the World.’

Yeongjongdo Island is home to the Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall, which opened in March 2010 and displays information about the Incheon Bridge, including construction methods/processes. The four-story building has a nice observatory and café where visitors can look out over the bridge. The memorial hall is gaining increasing popularity and is well worth a visit to Yeongjongdo. Admission to the hall is free of charge.

Incheon Bridge Co., Ltd.
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ATHENA : Goddess of War (2010~2011)
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Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall, Petting Zoo, etc.

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