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Incheon » Jung-gu » Incheon Bridge (인천대교)


Incheon Bridge (인천대교)   
Incheon Bridge (인천대교...
Incheon Bridge (인천대교...
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교...
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
  • Incheon Bridge (인천대교)
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3, Incheondaegyo Expressway, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 인천대교고속도로 3 (운남동)
Architectural & Sculptural Highlights
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-32-7745-8200
(Korean, English)
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Completed in October 2009, the Incheon Bridge is a six-lane bridge linking Yeongjongdo (where the Incheon International Airport is located) and Songdo International City. Stretching over 2.38km, it is the largest and longest bridge in Korea.

The degree of technological difficulty in building a bridge is often judged by the distance between its towers. The Incheon Bridge boasts an impressive 800m between towers, the longest distance between towers after Sutong Bridge in China (1,088m), Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong (1,018m), Tatara Bridge in Japan (890m), and Pont de Normandie in France (856m).

The height of the main tower of the Incheon Bridge is 238.5m, which is as tall as the 63 Building in Seoul. The British weekly magazine ‘Construction News,’ published a special report in December 2005, praising the bridge as one of the ‘Top Ten Architectural Wonders of the World.’

Yeongjongdo Island is home to the Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall, which opened in March 2010 and displays information about the Incheon Bridge, including construction methods/processes. The four-story building has a nice observatory and café where visitors can look out over the bridge. The memorial hall is gaining increasing popularity and is well worth a visit to Yeongjongdo. Admission to the hall is free of charge.

Activity Information
Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall, Zoo, etc.

[Meeting Animal Programs At Zoo]
-'Respect for Life' Educational program (runs for about 120 min)
- Animal protection training program
- Play& Learn Education
- Rescued Animal Shelter tour
- Incheon Bridge Memorial Tour

* This program is designed for elementary school groups of from 8 upto 12 people.
  It requires reservation : +82-32-745-8195.
* All group visits require reservation at least a week before.
Operating Hours
[Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall]
Winter - Closed on Mondays (December to March) 10:00 to 18:00
Summer – Open on Mondays (April to November) 10:00 to 18:0
Admission Fees
•Basic toll fee of the road : 5,500won(compact car standard)
- Incheon Bridge(Private Section) : 5,200won(additional tax included)
- Connecting Road(National Section) : 300won(exemption from additional tax)

Vehicle Class Description Toll Fee
Total Private Section National Section
Sub-Compact Car
Less than 1000cc 2,750 2,600 150
Compact Car 2-axle vehicle(wheel width less than 279.4mm)
- Passenger Car, Van with less than 16 passengers, 2.5ton or less truck
5,500 5,200 300
Mid-Sized Vehicle

2-axle vehicle(wheel width more than 279.4mm) -Bus with more than 17 passengers, 2.5ton~10ton truck

9,400 8,800 600
Large Vehicle

Vehicle with more than 3 axles
-Large truck with more than 10 tons

12,100 11,400 800
* Toll Fee Exemption or Discount

Toll Road Act Article 15 For military operation (US Army vehicles included)
Ambulance and vehicles for relief
Fire engines and related vehicles
Toll Road Enforcement Article 8 Police operation, traffic control & surveillance
Construction of toll roads, vehicles for maintenance
Postal, electricity and communications work
Vehicles of men of national merit(1~5 class)

Empty taxi exempted (in case of vehicles entering from Airport/Yeongjongdo heading towards Songdo) Vehicles inappropriate to charge the toll fee (staff work, corporate-owned CIP painting, supplement for men of national merit, for Cheongwadae security service, commuting of maintenance and relevant workers)

Discount(Discount based on Toll Road Act (the disabled, men of national merit, sub-compact cars and etc)
Classification Description
Sub-Compact Car - Target : Sub-compact car of Less than 1000cc
- Discount Rate: 50%
Vehicles of the Handicapped - Target : The vehicle owned by the handicapped person who is registered based on Welfare Law for the Handicapped or by a family member in the same generation with the handicapped person. The handicapped person should ride the car.
- Discount Rate: 50%
Vehicles of men of national merit (men of merit for 5.18 democracy movement)

- Target : The vehicle owned by a man of national merit(6~7class) who is registered based on Law related to Honor and Support of National Veterans or by a family member in the same generation with the national veteran. The man of national merit should ride the car.
- Discount Rate: 50%

Vehicles of patients suffering long-term effects of exposure to defoliants
- Target : The vehicle owned by a patient (suspicious of) suffering long-term effects of exposure to defoliants registered based on Law related to Supporting Patients (suspicious of) Suffering Long-Term Effects of Exposure to Defoliants or a family member in the same generation with the patient. The patient should ride the car.
- Discount Rate: 50%


Interpretation Services Offered
Audio Tour is available in English, Japanese, Chinese. The audio tour devices can be hired at the rental desk on the first floor.
* 2 Agents are stationed at the information desk.

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