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Gangwon-do » Sokcho-si


Sokcho is a coastal city located in the northeastern part of Gangwon-do. Its major industries are aquatic products and tourism. Flanked by the East Sea and Mt. Seoraksan, Sokcho is an extremely popular tourist destination. Autumnal tinted leaves blanketing Mt. Seoraksan in fall attracts a myriad of visitors in the fall and the beaches along the East Sea are popular in the summer.

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Recommended Destinations
Gwongeumseong Fortress
Mt. Seoraksan National Park
Sinheungsa Temple(Mt. Seoraksan)
Biryong Waterfall
Cheonbuldong Valley
Sokcho Beach

List of all tourist destinations by popularity
Theme Destination Region
Tourist Resorts Seorak Special Tourist Zone (설악 관광특구) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Observatories Sokcho Expo Tower (속초 엑스포타워) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Performing Arts Centers Sokcho Culture Center (속초문화회관) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Bus Terminal Sokcho Terminal (속초시외버스터미널) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Bus Terminal Sokcho Express Bus Terminal (속초고속버스터미널) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Waterfalls Yukdam Falls (육담폭포) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Hot Springs & Saunas Cheoksan Oncheon Jigu (Cheoksan Spa World) (척산온천지구) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Museums Teddy Bear Farm (테디베어팜) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Museums Sokcho Museum & Displaced Civilians Folk Village (속초시립박물관·속초실향민문화촌) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
Islands Biseondae Rocks (비선대) Sokcho-si Gangwon-do

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