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The drama City Hall attracted a great deal of attention before it had even started airing on TV. It was produced by drama writer Kim Eunsuk and producer Sin Ucheol, who were behind the incredibly popular dramas, “Lovers in Paris” and “On Air”, and who are considered to be a drama dream team. The drama is set in a fictional city called called Inju City, where a woman who had one of the lowest ranks in the civil service, is suddenly elected to be the city’s mayor. Sin Mirae (played by actress Kim Sun-a) and a crafty high-ranking official named Jo Guk (played by actor Cha Seung-won) come together in this romantic black comedy set in a political organization. The drama revealed the lives of the people in Korea’s political organizations, especially the everyday dramas that take place in the regional cities. The drama has a realistic style, and viewers got caught up in the romances, intrigues, and scandals of Inju’s City Hall.
Director : Sin Ucheol
Writer : Kim Eunsuk
Starring : Kim Sun-a, Cha Seung-won, Chu Sang-mi, Lee Hyeong-Cheol
Broadcasting Service : SBS
Airing Schedule : April 29, 2009-July 2, 2009
Website : (KOR, ENG, JAP, CHI)

Story Overview
story overview  Sin Mirae is the lowest ranking public servant working in Inju City Hall. Her main job is to serve coffee to the high-ranking public officials. She seems to be rather ordinary and has nothing special to brag about. She doesn’t have an outstanding academic ability, financial means, or a well-connected family to help her stand out from the crowd. One day, however, she takes part in a beauty contest, in the hope of winning the cash prize, and gets fired from the City Hall for having “damaged the reputation of a civil servant.” To everyone’s surprise, however, she returns to the City Hall elected as the new mayor of Inju. Her ordinary image moved the hearts of the town’s citizens, and with the help of the powerful Jo Guk, she wins the election. After she is elected, she begins to reform the bureaucratic culture of the City Hall administration and becomes a truly great mayor who is genuinely working for her people.

Profiles of the Characters
Sin Mirae (Played by Kim Sun-a)
Sin Mirae Played by Kim Sun-a Aged almost forty, she ends up taking part in a beauty contest in the hope of winning the cash prize to solve her financial problems. To many people’s surprise, she is elected as the mayor of Inju to replace the mayor that she had a role in bringing down. She knows nothing about politics and has no political background to lean on, but she fights her way to victory and due to her genuine nature wins the hearts of the people. She establishes her own solutions and policies by seeking to serve the people’s real interests and their needs. Unlike a typical politician, she actually executes what she believes in and despite numerous mistakes and tearful episodes, she becomes a mayor who is respected by everyone.

Jo Guk (Played by Cha Seung-won)
Jo Guk Played by Cha Seung-won Jo Guk is the kind of politician who does not hesitate to use his people to accomplish his own purposes. He is a cold-hearted, cool-headed character who believes that with enough power and cash, he can make anyone a mayor, a congressman, or even a president. His ambition is to become the president of Korea one day, but he runs up against this woman who challenges his beliefs. Sin Mirae was elected only to be a puppet mayor for his political ambition, but she begins do have her own thoughts and do real work for the people. Jo Guk decides to remove her but finds that this is difficult to do, as she will not be swayed by political power or cash bribes.
Min Juhwa (Played by Chu Sang-mi)
Min Juhwa Played by Chu Sang-mi Min Juhwa has worked hard to be the perfect woman and the envy of others. She is a typical glamorous female character with a pretty face and a good figure, but behind all her glamour, she hides a great political ambition. Originally she wanted to be the Hillary Clinton of Korea, but she realized that her husband had no chance of becoming president, so with her good looks and large quantities of cash, she decides to get into politics herself. One day, Sin Mirae , who she regarded as such a trivial person, returns to the City Hall as mayor. To add salt to the wound, Min Juhwa’s husband, who up until now didn’t have the slightest interest in politics, emerges as a strong sponsor of Sin.

Lee Jeong-do (Played by Lee Hyeong-cheol)
Jo Guk Played by Cha Seung-wonHe got married because of his wife’s glamorous looks and the irresistible temptation of her money. However, the marriage does not go too smoothly and they end up living separately. One day, he resigns from City Hall due to his involvement in the beauty contest, which Sin took part in. Despite her low ranking position, Sin was the only person he confided in. When Sin is elected mayor, he returns to the City Hall and becomes a vice mayor working as her right hand. His wife is unhappy about the situation, but nevertheless he tries to be a protective umbrella for Sin, so that she can live up to the beliefs for the people.

Introduction to Filming Locations
Jeongokhang Port in Hwaseong
In Chapter 11 of the drama, Jo Guk and Sin Mirae have a date on a luxury boat and enjoy time together out at sea. The scenes were filmed at Jeongok in Hwaseong. From the port you can see numerous boats and yachts out at sea, which is a very attractive view. International events such as the ‘Korea International Boat Show & World Match Racing Tour’ take place here, and this area can be reached within a 1-2 hour drive from Seoul. Visitors can try out a range of activities, such as fishing and clam collecting.

Address : Jeongok-hang, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tourist Information : +82-31-1330 (KOR, ENG, JAP, CHI)
Getting There :
*Take bus 1004 in front of Suwon Station (subway line 1) and get off at Jeongok-hang port.
*Take bus 330 in front of Geumjeong station (subway lines 1 and 4) and get off at Jeongok-hang port.

Filming Route: Deoksan Beach Resort → Rape Flower Fields in Maengbang → Beach Sculpture Park → Mureung Valley
In chapter 8 of the drama, Jo Guk abruptly suggests to Sin that they take a trip together. On their trip, they ride bicycles, go camping in valleys, and have fun together. All of the scenes during of this trip were filmed in Gangwondo province.

Samcheok Tourist Information Website (KOR, ENG, JAP, CHI)
Deoksan Beach Resort
Deoksan Beach Resort This is where Sin Mirae and Jo Guk ride bicycles together. This beach resort is known for its pine forest, white sandy beach, and water shallow enough for all members of the family to enjoy. This resort has great facilities for visitors. It is the final destination of a weekend trip that starts from Cheongnyangni station, which is called "Fantastic coastal train ride". Every summer, this resort is a popular holiday destination and is packed with people. A range of programs and events are offered in the beach resort, including catching flatfish with your bare hands.
Address : Deoksan-ri, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
Getting There : From Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take a bus to Samcheok Express Bus Terminal. (4 hours 30min bus ride). From Samcheok Express Bus Terminal, take a taxi (app. 6000won-7000won) or take a bus to Deoksan
Beach Main Season : July 10, 2009-August 20, 2009
Inquiries : +82-33-572-3011 / +82-33-572-3677
Tourist Information : +82-33-1330 (KOR, ENG, JAP, CHI)

Rape Flower Fields in Maengbang
Rape Flower Fields in Maengbang Sin Mirae and Jo Guk ride their bicycles through a field of rape flowers near Maengbang Beach in Samcheok. Flower festivals take place here very April. The Rape Flower Festival takes place when the yellow and green of the rape flower fields contrast spectacularly with the blue waters of Maengbang Beach Resort. During the festival period, there are singing contests and other events, and visitors can pick strawberries.
Address : Sangmaengbang-ni, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
Getting There : From Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take a bus to Samcheok Express Bus Terminal. From the bus terminal, take a taxi (app. 4000won~5000won)
Inquiries : +82-33-570-3372
Tourist Information : +82-33-1330 (KOR, ENG, JAP, CHI)

Beach Sculpture Park
The place where Sin Mirae takes lots of photos of herself amongst the rocks on the seashore is Samcheok’s Beach Sculpture Park. The beach has some 10 sculptures on display, which gives this coastal area a great atmosphere This is a great spot for taking a break while driving, especially during the summer season. It’s also a famous spot for watching the sunrise, as it looks very impressive with the sculptures in the fore ground. There is a café called “Café Marine Deck”, where visitors can enjoy tea or coffee and a great view of the ocean.
Address : Gyodong (Samcheok Beach Resort) of Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
Getting There :From Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take a bus to Samcheok Express Bus Terminal. From the bus terminal, take a taxi (app. 6000won-7000won)
Inquiries : +82-33-572-2011
Tourist Information : +82-33-1330 (KOR, ENG, JAP, CHI)

Mureung Valley
Mureung Valley The spot where Sin Mirae and Jo Guk finally spend a night together is the Mureung Valley in Samhwadong of Donghae-si. This valley is known for its fresh clear waters and spectacular scenery, which draws a large crowd of visitors every summer. At the entry of the valley, there is a huge rock, which is large enough to accommodate up to a hundred people at a time and is a favorite resting spot during summer time. After about an hour of hiking through this scenic valley, you will come across the Ssang Falls (Twin Falls) and Yongchu Falls. The Ssang Falls are known for their majestic scale, and the Yongchu Falls for being the place where Koreans used to come to perform a special ritual to pray for rain. Both falls are the highlight of the Mureung valley.
Address : Samhwa-dong 267, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
Getting There : From Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take a bus to Donghae Express Bus Terminal. Across the street from the bus terminal, take bus 12-4, 12-6, or 12-7. Get off at Mureung Valley (final stop)
Opening Hours : 09:00 - 18:00 (open until 20:00 during Summer)
Inquiries : +82-33- 532-2801/ +82-33-534-7306
Admission Fee : * Adults: 1,500won/ Youths: 1,000won / Children: 600won


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