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Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)

  • Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)
  • Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)
  • Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)
  • Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)
  • Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)
  • Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)
  • Hadong Hwagae Market (하동 화개장터)

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15, Ssanggye-ro, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 하동군 화개면 쌍계로 15 (화개면)
Type / Products
Traditional Markets / Chestnuts, wild greens, persimmons, jakseolcha tea, sweetfish, other agricultural and marine products
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  • Information
    Hwagae Market, which appears as the setting in Kim Dongri's "Yeokma" (meaning "Stagecoach"), has a beneficial location on the border of Yeonghonam in Gyeongsangnamdo, allowing it to easy access to seafood and salt from the southern coast, grains from the plains of Honam, wild vegetables and herbs from foot of Jirisan Mountain and its lumber trading center. Through its developed river dock in the township of Hadong, it has been a center for distribution from the middle of the Joseon Dynasty right up until Korea's liberation. You could count the number of markets of that scale in Korea on one hand. However, from the influx of roads and construction of the modern era, the area has lost much of its old look. 

    Hwagae Market, which sits at the crossroads of Jirisan Mountain's Hwagae Stream and Seomjin River, was once the site of a bustling traditional "5th-day market" (opens on the 5th day of every month). However, the 5th-day market later disappeared and is now a conventional modern-day market. With Hwagae Market's rise to prominence again through the singer Jo Yeong-nam's song "Hwagae Market," the area started seeing more visitors to the area. As a result, about $1.6 million USD (1.6 billion KRW) was invested in April 2001 into restoring a two-acre area into a traditional market setting, with market vendors selling products like green tea on both sides of the street. The area opened with Hwagae Market's 9th Cherry Blossom Festival, and is still running today.     

    Due to a fire on Nov. 27, 2014, part of the tourist attraction is off limits, but will be restored as swiftly as possible to avoid further inconvenience.

    Market Opening Dates
    N/A (Open all year around)

    Operating Hours

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Opening Date
    Original: 1770 / Renovation: 1997

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