Duty Free Shops

Duty Free Shops【 Photo: Duty Free Shop 】

Korea is home to a plethora of fashion and beauty trends, and this characteristic is well reflected in the nation's shopping culture. In particular, duty free shops are a great way to purchase name-brand luxury items at a great price!

You can easily cross items off your shopping list at the duty free shops found at major international airports as well as international ferry terminals. The duty free shop at Incheon International Airport is the most representative example, with an international standard in size and services provided.

Including Seoul, you can also find duty free shops all around the major cities and provinces. Moreover, the purchased goods from these places can be sent directly to your departure airport or seaport, removing the hassle of carrying and packing extra items. The shopper's departure ticket and passport are required during both purchase and collection of duty free goods.

If there is no time to visit a duty free store during your trip, you can also shop online. As long as you have your passport and departure ticket, and you confirm your credit card information, you are ready to shop. All travelers scheduled to leave Korea are eligible for online shopping, and the purchased items will be retrievable at the designated duty free pick-up zones at international airports or passengers seaports on the date of your departure.

Major Duty Free Shops

Small-scale Duty Free Shops

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