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COEX Mall is one of the largest underground shopping malls in Asia and one of the first malls in Korea to offer such an extensive range of products. The main entrance, Millennium Plaza, branches out into several corridors (Forest Walk, Valley Walk, Sea Walk, Lake Walk, etc.) that snake around the entire mall. Colorful shops, cafés, restaurants, and entertainment facilities line each corridor, giving shoppers plenty of options. If you are looking for luxury brands, Hyundai Department Store and SKM Duty Free Shop have a great selection of designer items from internationally recognized brand names. ‘Enter Six’ and other shop sell a variety of fashion items; in fact, visitors to COEX can find a huge selection of cosmetics, sportswear, underwear, accessories, eyeglasses, watches, and electronics no matter where they turn.

  •   Lotte Duty Free Shop - COEX Branch (롯데면세점 (코엑스점))
    Lotte Duty Free Shop - COEX Branch  (롯데면세점 (코엑스점))
    The Lotte COEX Duty Free Shop is situated in the same location as a number of Seoul's popular tourist attractions, such as COEX Aquarium and COEX Mall,...
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  •   Closed: Puzzle Zone (퍼즐존)
    Closed: Puzzle Zone (퍼즐존)
    Located in front of the COEX Aquarium, Puzzle Zone is a brightly decorated shop that is popular among families. It offers children's toys from Korea, Japan,...
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  •   Closed: Aurora World (오로라월드)
    Closed: Aurora World (오로라월드)
    Launched in 1981, Aurora World is a brand specializing in stuffed animals. It offers stuffed animals with diverse sizes and designs. Visitors can also...
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  •   Closed: Barunson (바른손)
    Closed: Barunson (바른손)
    Barunson offers a wide variety of character items. It offers its own character items in addition to developing characters from other companies.
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