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Namdaemun Market is a market with over 600 years of history, which is still alive and well today. The area’s narrow streets are lined with a colorful mix of stores offering over 1,700 different kinds of items at reasonable prices, such as: children’s clothes, men’s/women’s clothing, accessories, home goods, utensils, electronics, wedding items, stationery, folk crafts, local produce, and imported goods. For those hoping to experience the feel of the traditional market as well as find some good bargains, Namdaemun Market is definitely the place to go.
One of the major highlights of Namdaemun Market is its wide array of optical shops where customers can purchase eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses at prices half those in other areas. There are also plenty of stores peddling wares like traditional dolls, mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes, traditional key rings, and ornaments. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all your marketplace memories. If you don’t have a camera, head over to Saerona Shopping Center, famous for having a good selection of cameras at reasonable prices. Or for a good selection of clothes and accessories, check out Mesa, a modern shopping mall located in the Namdaemun Market.

  •   Namdaemun Ginseng Market (남대문인삼시장)
    Namdaemun Ginseng Market (남대문인삼시장)
    Namdaemun Ginseng Market is found along the central path of Namdaemun Market located on Namdamun-ro (St.). Here, over 20 shops stand close together in...
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  •   Namdaemun Shopping Center (남대문 종합상가)
    Namdaemun Shopping Center (남대문 종합상가)
    Thanks to its rich history, Namdaemun Shopping Center boasts not only an impressive array of items, but items not available elsewhere. For instance, visitors...
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  •   Sungnyemun Imported Goods Shopping Center (숭례문(남대문) 수입상가)
    Sungnyemun Imported Goods Shopping Center (숭례문(남대문) 수입상가)
    Sungnyemun Imported Goods Shopping Center consists of two underground floors within the Daehan Hwaje Building (B3F-22F). The building is easy to locate...
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  •   Jangan Accessory Shopping Center (장안 액세서리상가)
    Jangan Accessory Shopping Center (장안 액세서리상가)
    Jangan Accessory Shopping Center for a long time has offerd unique accessories with colorful designs. Each shop boasts its own items, different from other...
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