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Hongik Univ. (Hongdae) main

Nearby Attractions

Established in 1946, Hongik University is a private university highly regarded for its College of Fine Arts. The campus itself is decorated with beautiful sculptures. Since 1993, art students from the university and painters from across the country have been decorating the surrounding walls and roads with murals, transforming the street into a giant medley of art exhibitions. A flea market is open every Saturday from March to November in Playground Square in front of Hongdae, where local artists come and sell unique handcrafted items and works of art.

  • Hongik University (홍익대학교)
    Hongik University (홍익대학교)
    Hongik University was established in 1956 based on humanitarian ideals (in Korea, the word “Hongik” means to advance the welfare of mankind). In 1948,...
  • Street Art Exhibition (홍대 거리 미술)
    Street Art Exhibition (홍대 거리 미...
    The area around Hongik University is famous for 'Street Art.' Some years ago, students from the highly-regarded College of Fine Arts at Hongik University...
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Hongdae is famous for its clubs. Clubs at Hongdae play all kinds of music, including rock, hip hop, dance, jazz, and R & B. If you have more eclectic tastes, ‘SKA’ is the place to go; for jazz, visit Club Evans. Pop, rock, and hip hop tunes can pretty much be heard no matter where you go.

The Sangsang Madang near the Hongdae Parking Lot is a comprehensive cultural space housing a movie theater, exhibition hall, performance hall, design shops, and educational facilities. Visitors can enjoy a diversity of cultural events all conveniently located under one roof.

  • Club EVANS
    Club EVANS
    Here at Jazz Summit, EVANS, is a place of friendly and open communication. The unique, impromptu performance style at EVANS creates a relaxed atmopshere...
  • Geek Live House (긱 라이브하우스)
    Geek Live House (긱 라이브하우스)
    Geek Live House is one of the most popular live clubs in Hongdae (Hongik University) area, famous for clubs in Korea. It opened in February 2003 by...
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Type Name Region
Special Restaurants Aoi Tori (아오이토리) Mapo-gu Seoul
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Tailor Coffee (테일러커피) Mapo-gu Seoul
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Sobok (소복) Mapo-gu Seoul
Korean Food Ttobogetji Tteokbokki (또보겠지 떡볶이) Mapo-gu Seoul
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Mobssie (몹시) Mapo-gu Seoul
Special Restaurants Oksang Dalbit (옥상달빛) Mapo-gu Seoul
Korean Food Charles Sutbul Gimbap (찰스숯불김밥) Mapo-gu Seoul
Western Food Ugly Stove (어글리스토브) Mapo-gu Seoul
Western Food Shim’s Tapas (심스타파스) Mapo-gu Seoul
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Sunnyne Pet Café (써니네 애견카페) Mapo-gu Seoul
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