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Nearby Attractions

Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong are fashion trend-setting areas and many up-and-coming designers and artists launch their new creations in one of these two places. The area is also a center of the Seoul art scene. One of the area’s major artistic centers is ‘Nature Poem,’ a building that houses over sixteen galleries including major international galleries. Glass walled cafés on Hannam Bridge near Apgujeong are the perfect places for visitors to soak up the beauty of the nighttime view of Han River and the surrounding area.

  • Café Rainbow - Hannam Bridge Lookout Lounge (한남 새말카페 레인보우)
    Café Rainbow - Hannam Bridge L...
    The Café Rainbow is the first of the nine lookout cafés along the Hangang River to be opened to the public. The 76.4㎡ café occupies the third and fourth...
  • Park Ryu Sook Gallery (박여숙화랑)
    Park Ryu Sook Gallery (박여숙화랑)
    Soon after its opening in 1983, the Park Ryu Sook Gallery moved to Cheongdam-dong, an uncharted territory back in 1988. Ever since, the gallery has played...
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Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong are the focal points of culture and art in Gangnam. Theaters such as KS Cheongdam Art Hall and Woolim Cheongdam Theater offer high-quality performances year-round. Woolim Cheongdam Theater, in fact, is home to the non-verbal show ‘Nanta,’ which has gathered tremendous international fame over the years. Various massage shops in Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong serve customers with top-notch massage and spa services, using medicinal herbs. Beauty and health clinics even offer customized care packages in order to cater to each customer’s individual needs.

  • Closed: Gangnam NANTA Theatre(Woorim Chungdam Theater)
    Closed: Gangnam NANTA Theatre(...
    The Gangnam NANTA Theatre(Woorim Chungdam Theater) is in Cheongdam-dong on Rodeo Drive, a long street lined with fashion boutiques and exquisite restaurants...
  • Whoo Spa Palace (후스파팰리스)
    Whoo Spa Palace (후스파팰리스)
    Whoo Spa Palace is a luxurious spa facility using tradtional beauty care that was once used by Korean royal families. The professional spa services use...


Type Name Region
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Tea Therapy (티 테라피) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Korean Food Lee's Gimbap (리김밥) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Café De Paris (카페드파리) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Western Food Ristorante EO (리스토란테 에오) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Western Food Mother's Office (마더스 오피스) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Western Food ZEN Hide Away (젠하이더웨이) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Western Food Once In A Blue Moon (원스인어블루문) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Family Restaurants Market O Restaurant (마켓오 레스토랑) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Snowmounteen (스노우마운틴) Gangnam-gu Seoul
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Caffe Bene (카페베네) Gangnam-gu Seoul
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