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Nearby Attractions

Close to Itaewon is the National Museum of Korea where visitors can experience Korea’s rich history and culture. Yongsan (Family) Park is a spacious place to walk, play, and escape from the surrounding city. Leeum, located on the outskirts of Namsan and near Itaewon, is a private museum (run by the global corporation Samsung) which showcases antique Korean art as well as modern works by international artists. Designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel, Leeum itself is also considered a piece of art.

  • The National Museum of Korea (국립중앙박물관)
    The National Museum of Korea (...
    The National Museum of Korea is located about 1.5 km away from Yongsan Station. It is the largest museum in Korea and houses precious Korean cultural assets...
  • Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art (리움 삼성미술관 )
    Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art (...
    Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, exhibits traditional and modern art works by Korean and international artists. The museum itself is just as fascinating...
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Itaewon is known for its fascinating antique shops that carry antique furniture and accessories from Korea and all over the world. Exquisite performances by highly regarded musicians are among the entertainment highlights of the Itaewon area. As the oldest jazz bar in Korea, All That Jazz is a favorite spot among travelers and jazz enthusiasts.

  • Itaewon Antique Furniture Street (이태원 앤틱 가구 거리)
    Itaewon Antique Furniture Stre...
    The Itaewon Antique Furniture Street was formed in the 1960s when North American soliders stationed in Yongsan sold their furniture before returning back...
  • All That Jazz
    All That Jazz
    All That Jazz, located in Itaewon, Yongsan, is the first ever jazz club in Korea. Since opening its doors in 1976, the bar has continued its proud tradition...


Type Name Region
Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Cacao Boom (Itaewon Branch) (카카오봄(이태원점)) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Asian Food Bua (부아) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Western Food Kervan Turkish Halal Restaurant (케르반 터키쉬 할랄 레스토랑) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Western Food Mother's Office (마더스 오피스) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Asian Food Wang Thai (왕타이) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Special Restaurants Petra Palace (페트라 펠리스) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Western Food Smokey Saloon – Itaewon Branch (main branch) (스모키 살룬-본점) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Western Food Suji's (수지스) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Western Food Ali Baba (알리바바) Yongsan-gu Seoul
Western Food Zelen - Itaewon Branch (젤렌 이태원점) Yongsan-gu Seoul
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