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Seafood as Far as the Eye Can See

Jagalchi Market in Busan is one of the best known seafood markets in Korea. Formed in the late 19th century, it distributes 30 to 50% of the total seafood (both dried and fresh) sold in the nation. Fresh seafood caught in nearby areas (such as Namhae) fills display stands all year round: flopping fish, scuttling crabs, and wiggling sea squirts are spread out aisle upon aisle. No matter the season, Jagalchi Market teems with female merchants touting their wares and throngs of customers soaking up the wonder of this unique market. In October during the Jagalchi Festival, the number of visitors increases drastically as countless people come to take part in the various events and taste the area’s famous fresh delicacies.

‘Pojangmacha Town’ –Only in Busan
‘Pojangmacha’ are tented restaurants that often dot the streets of Korea. Even though pojangmacha are not atypical in and of themselves, the pojangmacha at Jagalchi Market sell delicious seafood dishes not available anywhere else. These street restaurants sell freshly sliced, raw fish, whale meat, roasted sea eels and much more. Briquette-roasted sea eels with a spicy marinade are one of the most popular dishes among visitors. In addition to the pojangmacha, the area is blanketed with countless restaurants selling a myriad of seafood dishes such as roasted fish, roasted shellfish, and sliced raw fish.

Seafood ‘To Go’
Taking fresh seafood home can be a bit of a challenge. For visitors who live far away, a trip to the Dried Seafood Market is a delicious way to take home a variety of freshly-prepared seafood items. Available products range from gim (dried seaweed, popular among Japanese tourists) to kelp, squid, mussels, corvinas and more.

Tourist Information Center

  • Jagalchi Market Tourism Information Center

    The center provides brochures on the Jagalchi Market and interpretation and guide services in Japanese.

    1. • Hours: 06:00~21:00
    2. • Tel: +82-51-713-8024
    Jagalchi Market Tourism Information Center

Locker Rentals

  • Jagalchi Station, Subway Line 1

    • Fees charged on a 24-hour basis
    • Cash only
    • Near Exit #10, Jagalchi Station


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