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There are a number of relatively inexpensive souvenirs within the KRW 5,000~10,000 range. Traditional pouches, ornaments, or embroidered key rings, in particular, are souvenirs preferred by women. Business card cases or small mirrors made of mother-of-pearl are also popular items.


  • • Price Information
    1. · Less than ₩5,000
      card/coin/passport wallets, bookmarks, embroidered key rings, embroidered mobile phone accessories, miniature traditional masks, and traditional cards
    2. · ₩5,000~₩10,000
      folk dolls, quilted pencil cases, pouches, frames with Korean traditional masks, ornaments, and embroidered key rings
    3. · ₩10,000~₩30,000
      embroidered mirrors or business card cases, mirrors or business card cases made with mother-of-pearl, Korean traditional masks, jewelry boxes made with mother-of-pearl
    4. · ₩30,000~₩50,000
      business card case sets, dolls made with Korean traditional clothing, Korean traditional masks, tea cups
    5. · ₩50,000~₩70,000
      lacquer ware inlaid with mother-of-pearl, tea sets, and Korean traditional paper
    6. · ₩70,000~₩100,000
      jewelry boxes made with mother-of-pearl, bamboo folding fans, and wooden dolls
    7. · ₩100,000~₩200,000
      jewelry boxes made with mother-of-pearl, decorative plates made with mother-of-pearl, small three-drawer chests, and pottery sets
    8. ※ Folding fans decorated with yin and yang design (₩3,000~), handmade folding fans (₩20,000~), and bamboo folding fans (₩50,000~₩100,000)
    9. ※ Ornaments (₩8,000~₩200,000)

  • (Prices as of March 2010)
    ※ Prices are subject to change and may vary according to brand and quality.

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