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Diverse types of crafts are available for purchase, with popular items including hand mirrors, jewelry cases, business cards cases, miniature hahoetal, wooden lovebirds, and pouches. The National Souvenir Center, located on the first underground floor of the Korean Tourism Organization building, sells certified high-quality, award-winning crafts that have placed first in craft contests or have otherwise received recognition for their craftsmanship. The following are some of the items sold at the center.

  • • Mother-of-pearl lacquerware: jewelry boxes, business card cases, hand mirrors, pencil cases, bookmarks, and folding screens
  • • Fiber crafts: pouches, bags, wallets, pencil cases, embroidered cup holders, and embroidered hand mirrors
  • • Hanji crafts: folding fans, business card cases, cup holders, and jewelry boxes
  • • Wooden crafts: hahoetal frames, key rings, dolls, and accessories


  • • Price Information
      Mother-of-pearl lacquerware
    1. · Hand mirrors and business card cases: ₩10,000~₩20,000
    2. · Jewelry boxes: ₩30,000~₩300,000
      Fiber crafts
    1. · Pouches: ₩5,000~₩15,000
    2. · Ornaments: ₩8,000~₩300,000
    3. · Embroidered hand mirrors: ₩15,000~₩20,000
      Hanji crafts
    1. · Folding fans: ₩10,000~₩100,000
    2. · Fruit plates (set): ₩20,000~₩50,000
    3. · Hanji cases: ₩30,000
      Wooden crafts
    1. · Hahoetal and dolls: ₩20,000~₩100,000
    2. · Mobile phone accessories and key rings: ₩3,000~₩7,000
  • (Prices as of March 2010)
    ※ Prices are subject to change and may vary depending on brand and quality.

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