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It’s better to purchase hanboks where many hanboks stores are located, because competition helps guarantee quality and reasonable price. Dongdaemun is one good place to purchase a hanbok. The Dongdaemun Market has plenty of stores both selling and leasing hanbok. Different types of hanbok (traditional, modified, or fusion hanbok) are available, too. Other places include Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong.

  • Isae (이새)
    Isae (이새)
    Targetting middle-aged customers and senior citizens, Isae only uses chemical-free fabrics. Natural fabrics and dyeing characterize...
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  • Dolsilnai (돌실나이)
    Dolsilnai (돌실나이)

    To popularize hanbok, Dolsilnai offers modified hanbok suited for daily use. Focusing on simple elegance, Dolsilnai hanbok...
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  • Lee Seo-yun Hanbok (이서윤한복)
    Lee Seo-yun Hanbok (이서윤한복)
    Lee Seo Youn seeks hanbok that blends both traditional Korean and western designs. It not only weaves fabrics for its own hanbok,...
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  • Gwangjang Market (Hanbok Shops) (광장시장 한복매장)
    Gwangjang Market (Hanbok Shops) (광장시장 한복매장)
    [Dongdaemun Market]
    Unlike many other traditional markets, Kwangjang Market has preserved its rich history and maintained the feel of a traditional...
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