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Many craft shops are located in the Namdaemun Market, which sells plenty of crafts within various price ranges. It is the place to go if visitors are looking for a bustling traditional market atmosphere. Known as the street of Korean traditional culture, Insa-dong is a fascinating place to visit for high quality crafts. Tourists may want to visit places where crafts are actually made. Tongyeong (Gyeongsangnam-do) specializes in mother-of-pearl lacquerware while Andong prides itself in producing exquisite hahoetal. In both places, visitors can experience and purchase crafts to their liking.

  • Korean Craft Promotion Foundation (KCPF) (한국공예문화진흥원 공예명품판매관)
    Korean Craft Promotion Foundation (KCPF) (한국공예문화진흥원 공예명품판매관)

    Master Craft Shop displays and sells high-quality Korean handicrafts, stamped with the UNESCO Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts....
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  • Knife Gallery (칼 갤러리)
    Knife Gallery (칼 갤러리)

    The only knife specialty shop in Korea, this Insadong gallery is home to over 6,000 knives from all over the world. They include...
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  • Ssamziegil (쌈지길)
    Ssamziegil (쌈지길)
    Ssamziegil is a comprehensive shopping center located on the famous Insa-dong Street. It houses over 70 stores that sell various...
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  • Cheongju Korean Craft Museum (한국공예관)
    Cheongju Korean Craft Museum (한국공예관)

    The Cheongju Korean Craft Museum displays and sells Korean crafts by artists in Cheongju. It is home to over 100 different...
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