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Rice cakes or Hangwa are readily available in numerous specialty stores in Insa-dong and may also be purchased in department stores or supermarkets.

  • Jilsiru (Rice Cake Café) (떡카페 질시루)
    Jilsiru (Rice Cake Café) (떡카페 질시루)
    Jilsiru is a modern cafe serving a panoply of traditional snacks. Customers may enjoy the wide variety of tteok (rice cake), hangwa...
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  • Bizeun - Insadong Branch (빚은 떡)
    Bizeun - Insadong Branch (빚은 떡)
    Bizeun is a cafe that serves as many as 250 different types of Korean traditional rice cake. Conveniently located alongside a...
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  • Ggultare (꿀타래판매점)
    Ggultare (꿀타래판매점)
    Known as a traditional snack enjoyed by royal families, the delicious ggultare consisits of 16,000 strands. Made of honey and...
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