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Namdaemun Market and Myeong-dong boast an impressive array of eyeglass shops. These shops are usually clustered together in Namdaemun Market. Eyeglass shops in Myeong-dong tend to be located rather far from each other, but many of them employ shop assistants capable of speaking foreign languages such as English and Japanese.

  • Eyedaq Optician - Myeongdong Branch (아이닥안경 (명동점))
    Eyedaq Optician - Myeongdong Branch (아이닥안경 (명동점))
    Associated with Eye Matrix of Japan, Eyedaq offers every kind of eyeglasses: from high myopic lenses to progressive lenses and...
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  • Gana Glasses (가나 안경원 - 명동2호점)
    Gana Glasses (가나 안경원 - 명동2호점)
    Gana Glasses is a popular shop among Japanese tourists and is known for having high-quality eyeglasses at reasonable prices. Precision...
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  • Davich Optical - Myeongdong Branch (다비치안경 - 명동점)
    Davich Optical - Myeongdong Branch (다비치안경 - 명동점)
    Davich Optical (Myeong-dong Branch) is the flagship store operated directly by its management company. It employs expert eye examiners...
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  • Macos Adamas (마코스 아다마스-이대점)
    Macos Adamas (마코스 아다마스-이대점)
    [Ewha Univ. & Sinchon]
    Macos Adamas offers colorful accessories featuring crowns, swords, shields, lilies, and other symbols of Medieval Europe. Items...
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