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Jeju Wellgaeng
Jeju Wellgaeng
  • Jeju Wellgaeng
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Price : KRW 10,000
Prize : Silver Prize
Year of Award : 2013
Jeju Aga Co., Ltd
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Product Description
- A healthy, low-calorie (50% of chocolate) jelly made of 100% agar extracted from seaweed collected by female divers in Jeju. - All ingredients are hand-selected for their quality, and no preservatives or artificial colors have been added to prioritize the health of customers. - This handmade product is less sweet, soft and moist. - The image of "Tewak", a traditional flotation device used by female divers, is a symbolic representation of Jeju Aga Co. and is accompanied by the word "Umiang," which means "Containing Agar" in the local Jeju dialect. 5 pcs: 10,000 KRW 8 pcs : 15,000 KRW 12 pcs : 20,000 KRW
Other Info
제16회 제주특별자치도 관광기념품 공모전 "한국특성화부문 은상"
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