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Eunyul Talchum and Arirang Music Box
Eunyul Talchum and Arirang Music Box
  • Eunyul Talchum and Arirang Music Box
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Price : KRW 90,000
Prize : Silver Prize
Year of Award : 2013
Saenu Workshop
· Tel :
+82-32-670-8422 /010-8245-8422
· Fax :
· E-mail :
Product Description
Eunyul Talchum (Mask Dance of Eunyul), originated from the west part of Hwanghae-do, present North Korea, was introduced to Incheon by the people who left their hometown and settled down in Incheon after the north and south Koreas were divided. It was designated as Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 61 in 1978 and Incheon was recognized as the holder of the heritage in 1982. The product features a Dakjongi (Korean traditional paper) doll which is wearing a mask made of rolled paper and expressing the movement of Eunyul Talchum. The music box plays "Arirang", the famous Korean folk song, and can be used as a note holder or a business card holder as well.
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