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Momejoeun Tea 18T
Momejoeun Tea 18T
  • Momejoeun Tea 18T
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Price : KRW 22,000
Prize : Selected Work
Year of Award : 2012
Yangnyeongsi People Co., Ltd.
· Tel :
· Fax :
· E-mail :
· Homepage :
Product Description
Momejoeun tea is hanbang tea (herbal and medicinal) made with pure domestic ingredients that include gyeongokgo (restorative herb medicine for promoting blood circulation). Characterized by a soft flavor and fragrance, each Momejoeun tea bag can be steeped in hot water (100ml of 80-90℃) 3 to 4 times. Each bag of tea is contained in a unique triangular pyramid shape with a simple, yet elegant design.
+Prices are subject to change without notice.
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