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Yeoju Premium Outlets, Korea ‘s 1st Luxury Premium Outlet
Yeoju Premium Outlets, Korea ‘s 1st Luxury Premium Outlet
Shinsegae Chelsea Premium Outlets, Korea’s first designer shopping outlet center, has opened in Yeoju province. The Yeoju Preumium Outlet Shopping Center is enormous, taking up 265,500 square meters, and is Asia’s 2nd largest outlet to Japan’s Gotenbar Outlet. The outlet center houses such shops as Adidas, Armani, Burberry, Coach, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Escada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Royal Copenhagen, Ferragamo, and Valentino, with over 120 popular brand names, 90% of them being foreign brands, also including Korean designer brands such as Kuho, Kim Young Joo, and Hazzys.

Since this is the first designer brand outlet to open in Korea, there’s much awaited anticipation.
From the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal located in Banpo, Seoul, take the Yeongdong line bus headed towards Yeoju (station #21) and get off at Yeoju Terminal. The ride takes about 1hr and 30mins, but may take up to 2hrs during the weekends due to traffic congestion. Across the street from Yeoju Terminal, there is a bus that takes you all the way to the outlet. A taxi ride will take about a 15min ride, and come out to about ₩7,000.
* Time Schedule  
No Departure
from Imhyeop
from Terminal
No Premium
1 06:50 06:55 1 7:05
2 8:00 8:05 2 8:20
3 8:20 8:25 3 8:40
4 8:40 8:35 4 8:50
5 08:55 8:45 5 9:00
6 9:05 09:00 6 9:15
7 9:20 9:10 7 9:20
8 10:00 9:25 8 10:00
9 11:00 9:30 9 10:00
10 12:00 10:05 10 10:20
11 13:00 10:25 11 10:40
12 13:20 11:25 12 11:20
13 14:00 11:25 13 11:30
14 15:00 12:05 14 12:20
15 16:00 13:05 15 13:25
16 16:40 13:25 16 14:00
17 17:00 14:05 17 14:20
18 18:00 14:25 18 14:55
19 18:20 15:05 19 15:20
20 19:00 15:30 20 16:05
21 19:40 16:05 21 16:20
22 20:00 16:25 22 17:00
23 20:40 16:45 23 17:20
24   17:05 24 18:00
25   17:30 25 18:20
26   18:05 26 18:35
27     27 19:00
28   18:25 28 19:20
29   19:05 29 19:40
30   19:45 30 20:00
31   20:05 31 20:30
32   20:40 32 21:00
33     33 21:10
Yeoju → Seoul Seoul → Yeoju
6:30   6:30  
7:00 Deluxe 7:10  
7:30   7:50 Deluxe
8:00 Deluxe 8:30  
8:30   9:10 Deluxe
9:10   9:40  
9:50 Deluxe 10:10 Deluxe
10:30   10:40  
11:10 Deluxe 11:20  
11:40   12:00 Deluxe
12:10 Deluxe 12:40  
12:50   13:20 Deluxe
13:30   14:00  
14:10 Deluxe 14:40 Deluxe
14:50   15:20  
15:30 Deluxe 16:00  
16:10   16:40 Deluxe
17:30   18:00 Deluxe
18:00   18:40  
18:40 Deluxe 19:20 Deluxe
19:20   20:00  
20:00 Deluxe 20:30  
20:40   21:00 Deluxe
21:20 Deluxe 21:30  
22:00   22:00 Deluxe
Places to Eat
We visited a restaurant called ‘Sane Sane’, a famous traditional Korean restaurant for Yeoju’s specialty food.

It is really difficult to find transportation between the outlet and the ‘Sane Sane’ restaurant. So if you can hail a taxi, it takes about 10-15 minutes.

After taking a taxi up a windy forest road, a cozy traditional Korean restaurant will appear.
The restaurant looks very peaceful, as it is surrounded by nature.
This traditional Korean restaurant that has been open for 7 years has only one menu item, Dolsot Bibimbab (steamed rice with assorted beef and vegetables), which comes with 30 different side dishes!!
If you take the quality and quantity of the food into account, the price of ₩15,000 is very reasonable.

Since the place can get very busy around lunch and dinner time, it is a good idea to make reservations. Unfortunately, the Korean wait staff can only speak in Korean, so if you need translation assistance, contact 1330 for further assistance.
* Directions to Sane Sane

From Yeoju Bus Terminal to Sane Sane: Take a taxi across the street from Yeoju Terminal (costs about ₩6,000)
Sane Sane – Premium Outlets: Request a call taxi from the restaurant owner (costs about ₩7,000.)

-Telephone Contact: 883-4646/884-0026 (Reservations are needed on weekends.)

-Map: Refer to the diagram below

-Menu Price: ₩15,000

* If you don’t have a car, or the time and money to visit the restaurant by taxi, eat at one of the restaurants inside the outlet. Sakanaya Sushi, Crazy Crepe, and Freshness Burger are a few restaurants available at the shopping outlet. Or how about having a frappacino at Starbucks after shopping?
To Every Corner of the Outlet

Although the Yeoju Premium Outlet Center is not as large as America’s Chelsea Outlet Center, the outlet is large in size, and has the ambience of an American Outlet Center. Visitors can enjoy some Korean culture and leisure time at the outlet center, aside from just shopping.

● What Brands?

- A Fashion Lover’s Haven for Smart Shopping
Ferragamo, Burberry, Coach, Zegna, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, Anna Molinari, Vivienne Westwood, and more
Real fashion experts that are familiar with all the brand names can choose from over 120 brand name designers
Discounts of 25% - 65% are available all year long

- Buying gifts for that special someone there are many designer brands to choose from:
A. Folli Follie, Swarovski, Tasaki, Golden Dew Vivid, Accessorize, & more - jewelry brands
B. CK Underwear, Wacoal, Venus, & more – innerwear brands
C. Rush, The Cosmetic Company Store, & more –  soap and make-up brands
D. Suecomma Bonnie, Nine West, & more – shoe brands

- A Golf Mania’s Wish List
Callaway Golf, Ping, Bogner, Dunlop, Nike Golf, Kim Young Joo Golf, & more

- HOT Brands that Have Just Recently Launched in Korea
Theory, Boon the Shop, The Lab

● The Shopping Experience

Since this is an outlet, and not a typical shop, the variety of goods is limited. However, with a little patience and fashion sense, one can find the right item which they are looking for.

* Ferragamo, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent
Great quantities of merchandise. Shopping is doable on a ₩200,000 spending limit.
* Anna Molinari, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood, D&G
Summer sleeveless blouses range from ₩300,000 - ₩400,000, but even browsing can be enjoyable~
* Burberry
As the first Burberry outlet in Asia, Burberry offers their steady-seller t-shirts and short-sleeved dress shirts. A great gift for mom and dad at ₩80,000!
* Boss
Suit prices are reasonable at only ₩700,000. Great bargains can be found if you look carefully. They also offer a variety of t-shirts for men, and shoes, and bags.
* CK
If you are a jeans-maniac, CK is worth visiting. Underwear is only ₩19,000 at 50% off the duty-free price.
* Zegna
This store is large, and offers a lot of products. Dress shirts are ₩190,000, similar to that of duty-free prices.
* * Accessories and jewelry
All items are 70% off the regular price. There are hundreds of things to buy.
* Swarovski
Prices are the same as duty-free prices or less. Earrings are priced at ₩60,000 - ₩70,000.
* Tasaki
Pearl earrings are ₩100,000. Other items are slightly expensive.
* Suecomma Bonnie
Korea’s designer brand, Suecomma Bonnie, a local brand that does not follow the trends of others. A brand that started out at Cheongdam-dong and fought its way into department stores. It’s delightful to see Suecomma Bonnie at the Yeoju Outlet Shopping Center with prices lower than at the department store sales. Prices start at ₩200,000, 30% off the regular price. Lemon-colored mules and other designs can be found here.
Special Tips! In order to prepare for the weekend shoppers, merchandise arrives during the weekday. It’s more likely for Friday and Saturday customers to find the shoes that they want.
* Coach
Coach’s bestsellers are supplied in great quantities.
* Polo Ralph Lauren
Men’s clothing at 40% - 50% discounts, women’s clothing at 60% - 70% discounts!
* Boon the Shop
Cheap compared to Shinsegae or Cheongdam-dong. Seeing many brands that are hard to find leaves one feeling like they are good shoppers! Mc Queen, Comme Des Garcons, D&G, Dries Van Noten, D-Squared, Jean Paul Gaultier, Junya Watanabe, Marni, Stella McCartney, and Yohji Yamamoto brands are sold here.
* Aside from those brand names, Brooks Brothers offers simple designs that are hard to just easily purchase due to the price. Sports clothing – Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Columbia Sports. If you are a trendsetter you may have a couple of these brands, Mango, Nine West, Accessorize, LeSportsac, Converse, and more.
  After shopping mindlessly, the sun was slowly setting, and in my hands were still shopping bags. Although I didn’t buy anything really expensive, it was fun just browsing, and getting out of Seoul. Now it’s time for me to return to Seoul.
Yeoju Premium Outlets Travel Package Details

A Seoul to Yeoju Premium Outlet Shopping Center tour package deal is offered beginning July 7, for easier accessibility.

* Travel Package Details

Time Description Notes
11:00 Depart from the Grand Intercontinental Hotel Lobby  
11:10 Depart from the Coex Intercontinental Hotel Lobby  
11:20 Depart from the Jamsil Sports Complex Jamsil Sports Complex Public Parking Lot
"All day parking: ₩3,000"
11:30 Depart from the large wall clock at Lotte World at Jamsil Station Jamsil Station exit #4
Arrive at the Yeoju Premium Outlet Shopping Center in Chelsea
"Enjoy a Shopping Vacation with Mother Nature"
A luncheon at an Italian restaurant
Spaghetti + Today’s Soup + Bread Set Menu
Lunch at "An Italian Restaurant with a View of Nature," 'The Plate'
*Enjoy dinner with saxophone performances on the weekends!
Yeoju Premium Outlet Shopping Center #2002
Tel: 031-880-1507~8
17:00 Back to Seoul
Jamsil Station – Sports Complex – Samseong Station
Get on the shuttle bus at parking lot E
*Including a Package Tour
1. Traveler’s Insurance
2. Seoul ~ Yeoju Premium Outlet Shopping Center / 27 Passenger 1st-Class Limousine Bus Fare
3. Set Menu Lunch at an Authentic Italian Restaurant, 'The Plate'
(Choice of Olive Oil, Meat Sauce, Pomodoro, Amatriciana Spaghetti or Perilla Leaf Risotto, more food can be ordered after an additional payment)
4. A Coupon Book for the Yeoju Premium Outlet Shopping Center
(The coupon book will be issued immediately after 2 coupons are presented at the Yeoju Premium Outlet Shopping Center’s information desk)
5. A Discount Ticket for Phoenix Park

* Rates

Adults Child
₩24,000 ₩18,000
* Contact for Reservations and Inquiries

Good Bus Daegyeong Express Tours 1588-9722
* Reservations in foreign languages are unavailable; so please contact Korea Travel Phone (+82-2-1330) for assistance.
* Information Regarding Reservations

1) 100% refunds are only given if cancellations or changes are made at least 3 days before the departure date.
- - Cancellations 2 days before - 80% refund / 1 day before 70% refund / cancellations on the day of departure will result in no refunds.
- - If cancellations are made 1 day before the departure date, but after 6pm, it will count as a cancellation on the day of departure, resulting in no refunds.
- - If the departure day is Sunday, any cancellations made after 2pm on Saturday will count as a cancellation on the day of departure, resulting in no refunds.
2) Reservations made the day before departure must be made over the telephone after ensuring seating availability.
3) Seating will be assigned on the day of departure in the order of arrival.
4) 48 month-year olds to grade-schoolers are considered child fares.
5) Children and passengers riding for free will have to pay the children’s rate if they would like a seat.
6) If there are no previous reservations, buses may not operate.
* The information above is accurate as of June 18, 2007.
* Contributor: Kim, Hyun-hee
Date 03/09/2008