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Apgujeong is a mecca for shopping among trendsetters in their 20s and 30s. Shortly after Rodeo Street came into being during the 1990s, unique fashion shops, bars, and cafes began to open one by one, drawing young people en masse to come create their own fashion codes. At one point, the area was frequented by children of well-to-do families and perceived as an extravagant shopping district. It has since become more mainstream, filled with practical shoppers. There are many shops specialized in secondhand luxury items. Multi-shops, which purvey various brands, also seem to be gaining popularity.

The neighboring district of Cheongdam-dong offers a list of more luxurious venues for those with thicker wallets. The street is lined with premium brand flagship stores and a sophisticated series of multi-shops. While Apgujeong remains more of a magnet for those in their 20s, Cheongdam-dong appeals to those in their 30s and 40s.

One of the highlights prevalent in both Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong is the availability of unique clothing designs and accessories by various designers that are difficult to find anywhere else. You can buy an original dress by a foreign designer at a multi-shop or enjoy a leisurely shopping experience at Louis Vuitton's flagship store.
Luxury goods & used luxury goods
Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong are the number one choice of luxury brand aficionados. You will find nearly every luxury brand either at the Galleria Luxury Hall or along the affluent luxury brand street in Cheongdam-dong. In Apgujeong, there are many shops specialized in used luxury brand items. Stores with signs showing “ 중고명품 ( 中古名品 )” in Korean or Chinese or luxury brand names written in English are readily noticeable. Secondhand luxury brand items such as bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, and wallets are available at
30~60% below regular prices. It may be worthwhile to visit if you are obsessed with luxury brands. Be wary, however, because some items may not be genuine.
A multi-shop is a store that offers a wide selection of different brands for consumers. Such shops usually import and sell a variety of goods by foreign designers. They fully reflect today's fashion preference for sensational and unique designs. Multi-shops vary widely in size from Boon The Shop, a large multi-shop operated by Shinsegae, to a modest multi-shop on the corner of Rodeo Street.  
Cafes and bars
Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong host a considerable number of bars and cafes. In the evening, neon signs light up and the bustling nightlife begins. While Apgujeong has many beer, soju, or cocktail bars that are affordable for young people, Cheongdam-dong is more known for fine dining and posh cafes. Naturally, such embellishments come at a price and are a little higher in Cheongdam-dong. If you have trouble selecting a place, “Once in a Blue Moon,” a jazz bar with a long tradition, or “table 2025,” a cake shop, are recommended.  
Saju Cafe
Another joy of shopping in Apgujeong is having your saju read. Meaning “four pillars,”saju is your fortune based on the time, date, month and year of your birth. It is somewhat similar to astrology. At saju cafes, you can have your saju told as a bonus while savoring a nice cup of coffee or tea. Many saju cafes casn be found on Rodeo Street , but foreign language service is not available. You should be able to communicate in Korean or take a Korean-speaking friend.

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