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Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street (문정동 로데오거리)   
Munjeong-dong Rodeo ...
Munjeong-dong Rodeo ...
  • Munjeong-dong Rodeo ...
  • Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street (문정동 로데오거리)
  • Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street (문정동 로데오거리)
  • Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street (문정동 로데오거리)
  • Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street (문정동 로데오거리)
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10, Dongnam-ro 4-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 송파구 동남로4길 10 (문정동)
Type / Products
Shops/Malls / General fashion merchandise
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-400-1633 (Korean)
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  • Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street is a large shopping district containing over 200 brand-name discount stores. The street is T-shaped, with a 1km-long main street connected to a 400-meter-long alley, and the Munjeong 1-dong Resident Center located at the center. For shoppers’ convenience, there is a public parking lot (if visitors purchase goods at Rodeo Street, they can park here for free) and a parking lot for foreign tourists only (free of charge). Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street is one of Korea’s major shopping streets with customers ranging from teenagers to adults, since discount stores stocking sports wear, casual wear, shoes, men’s and ladies’ suits, and golf wear are all located on this street. Moreover, this is a great place to find deals on famous brands, at prices lower than at a department store. On some items you can get discounts of up to 70-80%.

    Shopping Tips
  • Since most of the goods are stock from previous seasons, it might be better to purchase the more classic styles rather than the trendy fashions. In some cases, the goods might have been slightly crumpled or stained during the transfer from warehouse storage, but taking them to the dry-cleaners should fix most problems. However you should be careful when looking at the sewing quality, and check for missing buttons.
  • One more thing to bear in mind is the shopping season. Even discount stores have periods when stock runs low. The best time to shop is immediately after the stores in Rodeo Street restock their merchandise. This is done at about the same time as department stores. There is also an enormous variety of goods to choose from during the Rodeo Festivals in May and September. The purchased goods are exchangeable but non-refundable, so check the quality of the products carefully before you purchase them.

  • In addition, Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street has a wide selection of restaurants and entertainment facilities. There are a number of pizza places, coffee shops, and food courts, as well as internet cafes and game rooms in the alleys behind the stores. Visitors can also relax in the surrounding parks. There’s a park with a 600-year-old zelkova tree right behind the Munjeong 1-dong Resident Center. Munjeong Rodeo Street is not just a shopping area; it’s a cultural area. The ‘Munjeong-dong Cultural Festival’ takes place every year in May, and the ‘Munjeong-dong Rodeo Festival’ takes place in May every other year. During these festivals, visitors can watch traditional Korean performances, traditional wedding ceremonies, international fashion parades, hip-hop dancing, and more. A charity sale is held on weekends and national holidays on the open-air stage of the Munjeong 1-dong Resident Center, and merchandise is sold for even bigger discounts.
  • Operating Hours
    10:00 ~ 21:30
    Open 365 days a year
    Munjeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 8), Exit 1.
    Go 250m and then turn right onto Dongnam-ro (동남로).
    Go 100m to arrive at the Rodeo Street.
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