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Title Summer Fun at the Intl. Garden Expo 2013 and Korean Music Festivals
Name 시드니지사 Date 05/15/2013 Hit 6037

South Korea is the place to be this northern summer with a huge number of International events and festivals taking place throughout the country.  One of the largest events, the Suncheon International Garden Expo is already underway with over 100,000 visitors during the first three days of the event and the Expo will run right though summer until 20 October, 2013. There are also many music events and other cultural festival events happening around the country making summer a great time to visit Korea.

The Suncheon International Garden Expo is one of Korea’s biggest tourism projects of the year and has drawn much attention worldwide.  The 1.11 million square metre venue was set up at the centre of the world class Suncheon Bay Ecological Wetland site.  The Expo is s the largest of its kind in Korea and visitors can enjoy viewing eighty-two gardens from twenty-three countries from around the world.  A day pass to the Expo costs adults 16,000 won (approx.A$14.50) and children 8,000 won (approx.A$7.20)

Events like the Boryeong Mud Festival which is one of Korea’s most popular festivals takes place on the beach at Boryeong from 19-28 July. The event is popular with young visitors to Korea who come to enjoy mud slides, mud fights, mud massages and fun activities in the mud on Boryeong beach at this time of year.

Rock festivals like the Incheon Pentaport Music Festival have risen in prominence over the years and offer a great chance to see Korean bands as well as international stars, this year’s event takes place from 2-4 August, 2013. The festival takes place at Songdo International City near Incheon.

The Rainbow Island Festival on Namiseom Island near Chuncheon will be held on the weekend of 7-9 June highlighting British band Travis and top tier Korean bands like Idiotape and Clazziquai. The laid back atmosphere of the festival along with the beautiful nature of Namiseom Island, make this concert experience one of the best in Korea. The price for a 1-day pass is 88,000 won (approx. A$80) and 143,000 won ($128) for a 3-day pass.

Where to find further information on the listed events and festivals:

Suncheon Intl. Garden Expo 2013 -

Boryeong Mud Festival:

Pentaport Rock Music Festival:

Rainbow Island Festival:

Further information:  Jennifer Doherty, PR/Marketing Manager, KTO Sydney office

Email:   phone:  02)9252-4147/8

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