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Title Korea Tourism Upgrades Smartphone App to More User Friendly Version Free Download on iPhone and Android available now!
Name 시드니지사 Date 09/12/2012 Hit 7540

Korea Tourism Organization  (KTO) has released 'Visit Korea 2.0', the upgraded version of the original 'Visit Korea' smartphone application. The ‘Visit Korea' smartphone application (app)  is the main Korea travel app developed by KTO (CEO Charm Lee) for foreign travellers.

'Visit Korea 2.0' contains more Korea travel content and information, which has been optimized for mobile use and increased user-friendliness. It is available for free download on iPhone and Android.

The first 'Visit Korea' app was released in February 2011 to provide comprehensive information on Korea tourism for the rapidly growing population of smartphone users around the world. As there had been a lack of apps to assist travellers in Korea, the 'Visit Korea' app appealed to inbound travellers to Korea.

The most notable feature of 'Visit Korea 2.0' is the mobile optimization of database entries containing detailed information on travel destinations (tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, shops, festivals, events, performances, etc.).

'Visit Korea 2.0' has completed the optimization process for the entire menu comprising the app. Therefore, it is now a lot more convenient for the users to browse through the app and look up specific contents.  Around 3,500 database entries have been optimized for mobile use, and grouped into five main categories including Attractions, Dining, Accommodations, Shopping, and Transportation.  All database entries have a map to assist foreign travellers find directions to their desired destinations.

Furthermore, 'Visit Korea 2.0' allows users to share individual contents on their personal Social Networking Sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, further expanding opportunities to promote Korea travel content.

Along with the database entries of travel information, 'Visit Korea 2.0' provides a wide range of reading materials and travel tools for foreign travellers, especially for those who are less familiar with Korea.  The app recommends travel destinations, which are conveniently categorized by theme. Other reading materials include tips on using public transportation (airport, subway, bus, etc.), items to buy and places to buy them, Korean cuisine and places to eat, and more.

The focus of the main page is the slideshow of 34 images that best represent Korea. The "Korea in Images" page divides the 34 images into four different categories, and also gives access to video clips produced by the KTO.

The GPS integration allows users to bring up the map of their current location at anytime by tapping the "Nearby" button at the bottom of the screen. The map shows nearby tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, shops, and cultural facilities. It also generates routes from the current location to a destination.

Another strength of 'Visit Korea 2.0' is the regular updating of its content.  Any update on the official KTO website (also called Visit Korea; will follow on 'Visit Korea 2.0'. Through the regular updating, the app users will be able to know what is happening in Korea wherever they are.

As the number of smartphone users across the globe soars, the number of foreign travellers demanding and acquiring tourist information via smartphone applications also increases. The KTO hopes that 'Visit Korea 2.0' will meet such demand by providing sufficient information and tools for one's travel throughout Korea. Furthermore, in partnership with relevant organizations both home and abroad, the KTO plans to promote 'Visit Korea 2.0' and its advantages globally.

Finally, 'Visit Korea 2.0' can be downloaded free of charge at the links below or from iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for iPhones and Android Phones, respectively.

Visit Korea 2.0 for iPhone –

Visit Korea 2.0 for Android –

Dated 11 September, 2012

Further information:  Jennifer Doherty, PR/Marketing Manager, KTO Sydney office

Email:   Phone:  02)9252-4147/8