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Title Explore Korea’s “Moses Miracle” – Jindo Sea Parting Festival
Name KTO Toronto Date 06/15/2005 Hit 6772

Explore Korea’s “Moses Miracle” – Jindo Sea Parting Festival

Toronto, Canada. June 15, 2005. – In south-western Korea, Jindo will host its 28th Yeongdeung Festival July 22~24. For a few days each year, a wide sandbar appears during low tide and temporarily connects the two islands of Jindo and Modo. The 2.8 km land bridge draws countless visitors who are eager to make the crossing and explore the ocean floor.

Following his trip to Jindo in 1975, a French Ambassador to Korea, Pierre Lande wrote an article of the tidal phenomenon for a French newspaper. He witnessed the sea parting and dubbed it the “Moses’ Miracle in Korea”, thus propelling Jindo into the global public’s spotlight. Visitors to the Jindo Yeongdeung Festival will have a rare opportunity to bask in the poetic sunset seen from Jindo Island as well as soak up the rich cultural heritage present in the region. Peruse the works of Heo Yu, a great painter during the Joseon Dynasty at the Ullimsanbang studio. Or traverse the islands of Dadohae Haesang National Park, which consist of more than 1,700 islands and islets.

Travellers are more than welcome to take part in the numerous cultural programs, including various traditional dances, songs and folk games. To celebrate the spectacular event and entertain the throngs of visitors that arrive to the island south of Mokpo, the festival features a variety of musical performances and programs for all ages.


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