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Title GANGNAM Star PSY Introduces Korean Style to the World
Name KTO Toronto Date 08/24/2013 Hit 6256

GANGNAM Star PSY Introduces Korean Style to the World


Toronto, Canada.  June 10th, 2013. – Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has announced the global sensation and Gangnam Star PSY is to appear in its TV commercial promoting tourism to Korea.


KTO produces ads introducing a variety of Korea’s charms every year and promotes them overseas. For 2013, Korea Tourism has launched a series of ads titled ‘PSY’s Wiki Korea’ which will introduce six different experiences to be enjoyed by tourists to the country through a series of video clips.


The subjects covered in PSY’s ‘Wiki Korea’ are Dongdaemun, Korea’s popular day/night shopping area where you can experience shopping until 5.30am in the morning.

On Friday nights Koreans celebrate the end of the working week (Bulgeum) by hanging out in the clubs and bars of PSY’s wealthy home suburb of Gangnam or with Hongik University students in Hongdae.

Food is a large part of experiencing Korea and visitors can enjoy Banchan, the enormous array of side dishes provided with nearly all meals in Korea.  Whether you enjoy a Korean Samgyeopsal (BBQ pork belly) or a simple meal in a Korean restaurant you will always be served side dishes of kimchi, vegetables and other tasty sides to enjoy with your meal.

The array of cosmetics to be found in Korea is huge and inexpensive. Cosmeroad is heaven for cosmetics lovers. The street is located in the popular tourist district of Myeong-dong, an area  full of cosmetics, fashion, food and open late at night.  It’s also a great place to experience Korea’s street food.

Nature and hiking is very popular in Korea and Koreans love the great outdoors.  The famous walking track on the semi-tropical island of Jeju off the southern coast of Korea known as Olle-Gil is famed for its natural beauty and great ocean views.

“PSY’s fans are all over the world regardless of age or region. Hopefully our promotion videos will attract worldwide attention”, said KTO’s Tourism Brand & Product Department Executive Director Jeon Hyo Sik. He also added, “We will continue to promote amazing things of Korea that you can never experience anywhere else in the world and we want be at the forefront of it.”