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Name KTO Toronto Date 05/22/2013 Hit 6466

Temple Stay Accommodations


Toronto, Canada. May 21st, 2013. – Travel to Korea continues to increase in 2013, with year to date showing an overall increase of 1.3%.  As popularity in travel to Korea continues to increase for Canadians, as does the demand for health and wellness tours. 

Temple Stays are an excellent way to purge negative energy and is an excellent experience to increase not only overall body but also mind health.  Temple Stays are cultural programs that give the experience of the 1,700 year old tradition of Korean Buddhism.  These unique opportunities to stay from one to three nights in an ancient temple and live the life of a Buddhist practitioner offer travelers a different style of accommodation than normally experienced as well as providing visitors with the wellness of body and spirit.  Experience Seon meditation where turning our attention inwards illuminates our true selves.  Join the Monastic Formal Meals, where the entire community dines together where not even a drop of water is wasted.  Each temple offers a unique experience like no other, bound to be full of wellness and self enrichment and the perfect addition to any Korea tour.

In order to aid travellers with finding the appropriate Temple Stay, the Jogyejong (Jogye Order) Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism has the  ‘Templestay App’ for iPhone and iPad users to provide information to visitors. This English smart phone application provides international visitors diverse information on the types of temple stay programs, temple history and nearby tourist attractions. The app will also provide other useful information including contact information and links to participating temples.  The Visit Korea 2.0 App is also a wealth of information for any Temple Stay or those looking for alternate types of wellness tours. 

For more information about Temple Stays or travel to Korea, please contact the Korea Tourism Organization at

1-800-TOUR KOREA (868-7567) or 416-348-9056;

Fax: 416-348-9058; e-mail:; Website: