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Name KTO Toronto Date 03/21/2013 Hit 8230

Korea’s #1 National Treasure Set to Re-Open April


Toronto, Canada.  February 11th, 2013. – On February the 10th, 2008, Sungnyemun gate, Korea’s first national treasure, was destroyed in a fire.  The disastrous fire was broadcast around the world with images of many Koreans, both old and young in tears over the loss of their most valued treasure.


After more than 5 years in rebuilding, Sungyemun gate is set to re-open this April.  The construction barriers that have stood for so many years are now down and its beauty once again visible.  The rebuilding of Namdaemun’s gate was a lengthy process in which no attention to detail was left untouched.  The gate was restored using traditional hand tools and methods in order to preserve tradition.  In re-painting the gate, colours were considered especially important as artisans made a special effort to revive the colors and tones that were prevalent in the early days of Joseon, when the gate was first built. 


A ceremony celebrating the completion of the gate’s restoration will be in held in April once several auxiliary buildings including disaster prevention facilities are completed.

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