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Title ‘Visit Korea’ v3.0 App for Travellers' just got better!
Name 런던 Date 09/10/2013 Hit 5788

Korean Tourism’s App ‘Visit Korea’ v3.0 is now available. The newly upgraded app has  a new design, a more user-friendly interface and loads of features! These include extended location based services, bookmark function, improved search functions, and now optimized for tablets.


Unlike version 2.0, which mainly focused on the accessibility of Korea tourism information on the mobile format, version 3.0 was reorganized to focus on a more user-friendly interface. New major features of version 3.0 include the ability to filter a list of attractions and restaurants by distance. A new bookmark function enables users to download and store their favorite information in advance so that they do not have to worry about costly data usage while traveling in Korea.


Also, Visit Korea version 3.0 shows a variety of tourism information on the map and includes a “find route” function to any selected destination, which will include information on total distance and travel time thanks to a new LBS (Location Based Service). Even a predictive search function has been added, making it easier for tourists to type and search on the app. Version 3.0, with its new reactive UI, is able to be used on any iOS or Android product and now has a highly optimized resolution and provides a user-friendly interface for tablets by utilizing their wider screen.


The App now includes over 5,000 article covering all your tourism needs


Visit Korea 3.0 contains a diverse range of information with over 5,000 articles on major attractions, restaurants, lodging, shopping, and transportation information. Most of the content features the location on a map, directions, and SNS sharing functions. In addition, new articles on Korean tourism are updated every day, and tour courses by theme and the “Recommended Tours” menu deliver practical tips and information for any trip to Korea. Moreover, critical information while travelling in Korea, such as public transportation information, voice services for major Korean expressions, internet usage information, useful applications, and discount coupons will be included on the app.


Visit Korea can be downloaded at the App Store or on Google Play through the QR code and link below for free.



Download at App Store:

Download on Google Play: