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Title Jinro Soju is the world best-selling drink!
Name 런던 Date 06/07/2012 Hit 5756

“Jinro is the tonic for most drinkers” was the title of an article in the metro newspaper today. It goes onto say that the spirit ‘is so popular that it sold more than 61.38 million cases last year – more than twice as many as its nearest rival, Smirnoff Vodka’. This is another example of the power of Korean products in the global market and another example of how it took just sixty years, following the devastation of the Korean war to become the seventh largest export country in the world. 

Travellers to the country are invited to see for themselves Korea’s astounding industrial growth over several decades by planning a visit to electronics/IT companies, the world’s largest steel mill –POSCO where Korea’s industrial growth began, the Hyundai motor car factory and shipbuilding yards where more than 15% of the world’s ships are built as well as Kimchi, noodle, soy bean and Korean beer factories.   

See Samsung’s D’Light PR Centre in downtown Seoul where visitors can enjoy a ‘digital playground’ and can handle all the products exhibited. The Digital Pavilion in a suburb of Seoul is a place where various digital media and cutting-edge IT technologies are exhibited and can be experienced. 

If you are planning a visit to Korea and want to see something different to the general tourist sites and enjoy learning more about how Korea developed as an economic power-house over the past sixty years, then enjoy an industrial tourism tour!


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