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Title International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012
Name 런던 Date 03/01/2012 Hit 5181

‘Yeosu will stage Expo 2012’ takes place between May and August of this year. The dynamic city of Yeosu is located midway along the south coast of the Korean peninsula. It borders Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province, to the east of Goheung, South Jeolla Province to the west. It also shares boundaries with Suncheon to the east and Jeju Island to the south. The name ‘Yeosu’ is derived from ‘Yeo’ which means ‘beautiful’ and ‘Su’ which means ‘water’.


The city has chosen the theme of “sacredness” for this year’s world Expo. Under the heading of “The Living Ocean and Coast – Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities “, the premise revolves around three collective points: Coastal Development and Preservation, New Resources Technology and Creative Maritime Activities.


The exposition aims to increase the awareness of the role and value of the ocean and coast to the international community. Promoters also hope such awareness will facilitate information sharing regarding the rational exploitation of the ocean and coast and contribute to the elaboration of a common model of maritime development.


Yeosu and the sea have always been closely linked. From fishing revenues to ecotourism, gaining increasing popularity within the region, the city’s future lies largely in the swells beyond its shores. On top of this maritime richness, the city also boasts various renowned cultural properties, such as ‘Hyangilam Hermitage’ and its very own variety of Kimchi – ‘Dolsot Got (leaf Mustard) Kimchi!!


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