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Title A New Riverfront Park Opens the Hangang Renaissance Era
Name KTO London Date 05/02/2009 Hit 52925

As the appearance of the Hangang, a river running through the center of Seoul, is transformed, the capital city of Korea opens a new epoch of renaissance. The Hangang Renaissance Project was launched in 2007 in efforts to revive the river as a world-class attraction for citizens and tourists under the principles of “restoration” and “creation.” On April 27th, the first landmark of the project will be opened to the public with the dedication of the Banpo Hangang Park near the Banpodaegyo, or Banpo Bridge, and the Jamsugyo, or Jamsu Bridge. The world’s longest bridge fountain will also be officially dedicated on the same day.


Banpo Hangang Park changes the area into a riverside cultural space


Banpo Hangang Park is designed with a space for cultural and leisure activities for citizens and international visitors to enjoy the colorful scenery of the river. The mounding and river-stand will be established in the southern terrace land on the river, and a large-size lawn around the “Moonlight Square” will be prepared for the citizens and visitors to enjoy the view of the Hangang and the Namsan, a mountain standing in the heart of Seoul. An outdoor stage will also be opened around the lawn to accommodate approximately 1,500 persons. The square will be a cultural hub providing various kinds of cultural programs for the citizens every weekend. To celebrate the dedication of the park, “Hangang Rainbow Festival” will be held every weekend for six months from May.


Moonlight Rainbow Fountain selected as the longest bridge fountain in the world by the Guinness Book of Records  


Adjacent to the Banpo Hangang Park, the Banpodaegyo, which is one of the 21 bridges that connect north and south Seoul across the river, has been remodeled to accommodate a massive water fountain. The fountain, named “Moonlight Rainbow,” shoots down 190 tons of water per minute to the river from each side of the bridge with its 380 nozzles. At night, the color of the fountain will be transformed to that of a rainbow by the 200 lights that radiate various colorful effects. The total length of the fountain reaches 1,140 meters, listed as the world’s longest bridge fountain in the Guinness Book of Records.


Jamsugyo transformed into a pedestrian walkway


The Jamsugyo, a submerging bridge located under the Banpodaegyo, will accommodate a pedestrian walkway with jogging courses and bicycle lanes. A terrace-type deck will be installed on the bridge to allow visitors to view the river from a close distance. A 2,500 square-meter public park with playgrounds and a water garden will be opened soon at the southern side of the bridge.


A Floating Island also to be opened next year


“Floating Island,” a riverside cultural space, will be built followed by the opening of the Banpo Hangang Park. Composed of three artificial islands, the space will have facilities for performance, entertainment as well as festivals and sports on the river. Scheduled to open early next year, the three islands will be connected to the Banpo Hangang Park and the Jamsugyo.


Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, “With the Hangang Renaissance Project, the river will be reborn as an environment-friendly, economic and cultural center as well as the landmark of Seoul, contributing to attracting more tourists and improving the quality of life for citizens.”


The Hangang Renaissance Project started in 2007 and will be continued to 2030. 33 sub-projects are scheduled to be completed in its first phase which lasts until 2010. Seoul will dedicate three other riverside parks in Yeouido, Ttukseom and Nanji areas by September this year.