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Title Download Korea’s new ‘Unexpected Adventures’ brochure
Name 런던 Date 03/18/2014 Hit 5722

Part of the appeal of Korea is the many opportunities for visitors to engage with our destination, to try something new, unexpected and inspirational; our ‘Unexpected Adventures – Explore Korea’ brochure showcases exactly that, offering a wide and varied range of exciting activities.


Created specifically with the consumer and travel trade in mind, the brochure has been compiled to raise awareness of the diversity of Korea and leave the reader thinking ‘I never knew you could do that in Korea’, just take a look at what is available on land, sea and in the air:  


·         Driving F1 at Yeongam Korea International Circuit

·         Ulleungo Scuba Diving

·         Muju Taekwondowon – home of Taekwondo

·         Seoraksan Towangseong Falls Ice Climbing

·         Paragliding in Danyang

·         Jangsaengpo Whale Watching Cruise



We hope that through participating in any of these thrilling activities, travelers will tap into some of Korea’s innate characteristics of ‘Ki’ (Spirit), ‘Heung’ (Excitement), ‘Jeong’ (Affection) and want to come back to try many more.


To view and Download Korea’s new ‘Unexpected Adventures’ brochure, please go to

To request a print copy of the brochure please contact:


Mr Ramy Salameh on 020 7321 2535 or email