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Title Kimchi to your health!
Name KTO New York Date 05/06/2006 Hit 9757
Kimchi to your health!

(Fort Lee, NJ) April 20, 2006 - An American monthly health magazine selected the staple Korean food kimchi as one of the world's five healthiest foods in its March edition. So, what makes the most common side dish in Korean's diet so special?

Health Magazine recommended readers to add kimchi to their diets as it has bacteria lactobacilli as well as high levels of vitamins A, B and C.

A steady diet of kimchi not only lowers one's cholesterol level but can also help to shed unwanted pounds. The traditional pickled and fermented vegetable dish is known to prevent yeast infections and cancer as well as help with digestion.
In recent investigations, kimchi has been found effective in curing viral diseases for fowl, including bird flu and Newcastle disease.

The origin of kimchi dates back to at least the 13th century when the first written record of it appears in a book by the scholar Yi Gyu-bo.

It is believed that there are about 200 varieties of kimchi with their own distinct tastes, depending on ingredients, regions and family recipes.

Since then, the taste of kimchi has evolved over the years, but the introduction of red pepper into Korea in the 1900s gave kimchi the spicy personality it is known for today.
Researchers Han Seok-ho and Kim Byeong-ryul of the KREI predicted kimchi exports will surge from 28,706 tons in 2003 to 43,002 tons in 2008 and 47,214 tons in 2012.

To promote the consumption of kimchi abroad, experts say that kimchi should be made in different ways. As getting the right kimchi ingredients is not always easy, especially abroad, they recommend fusion kimchi made with vegetables abundant in Western countries like broccoli and cabbage.

In her English-language book titled “Good Morning, Kimchi,” Yoon Sook-ja, head of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food introduces 40 different traditional and fusion kimchi recipes.

For more information about Kimchi, Korean food, and or travel to Korea please visit or contact Luis A. Maravi at