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Title April 2017 Newsletter from KNTO LA - Korea's Cherry Blossom Forecast
Name 로스앤젤레스 Date 04/12/2017 Hit 102854

Korea's Cherry Blossom Forecast

Kweather Co. has predicted the blooming of cherry blossoms in Korea will be 2-5 days earlier than average. The blooming will start March 21 in Jeju, spread to the southern region March 26-31, and finally reach the central region April 2-9.

Cherry blossoms tend to take approximately one week from blooming to reach their peak. Therefore, it can be expected that Jeju will be in its prime around March 28, the southern region April 2-7, and the central region April 9-16. Please be aware that the forecast may change based on various weather conditions, including temperature differences and precipitation levels.