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KTO focus on luxe experiences

  • Date09/09/2020
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Expecting a rise in demand for luxurious experiences in the near future, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has been conducting a series of webinars focusing on unique destinations and activities, some of which can only be booked through a DMC or a travel agent. 

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has been conducting a series of webinars for the travel trade, and one of them focused on luxury options and experiences available in South Korea. The main aim behind this was to provide agents a competitive edge in the coming times as a lot of the activities can neither be booked online nor through an OTA. If clients want to include them in their itinerary, they will have to book through an agent. This webinar also saw some participants joining in from the Middle East.

Luxury travel in South Korea is being highlighted as KTO believes that going forward, travellers would prefer exclusive experiences where they can have privacy and an itinerary that allows them to travel at their own pace without being a part of larger groups. The options that were highlighted in this webinar included curated experiences in South Korea where physical distancing can be maintained and places that have the best of health and hygiene protocols in place.

Traditional stays: Hanoks

An exclusive and unique stay for families and solos, hanoks are private without many hotel staff or guests. These traditional Korean stays come with the comfort of modern amenities and are available in various locations across South Korea. Hanoks are centuries-old but maintained and preserved well till date and are ideal for families with children as well. All hanoks have in-built floor heating system, making it very comfortable even for winter holidays.

Traditional cuisine

Visitors can experience the authentic local cuisine and appreciate Korea’s unique flavours with a private food experience across the country, both for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Courses range from 14-150 items.

Unique activities

The next section of the presentation was dedicated to activities that can be safely undertaken by travellers. One of them is visiting Korea’s museums that do not involve large groups of people. Some of the museums are private in nature and can be done with appointment only, escorted by the staff or the curator of the place, and where all safety measures are in place.

One of the modules dealt with extremely unique and curated experiences such as a visit to special places in  South Korea and meeting special people that are highly skilled in their fields and have been designated as a national heritage.

A unique sightseeing option includes a visit to the Panmunjom – the demilitarised zone where leaders of North and South Korea meet for official purposes.  Other premium products include yacht experiences, cruises, wellness experiences, etc. Self-drive options are also easily available for Indian visitors on international licence. 

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