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Jeju Island: The Perfect Luxury Destination for your Girl Gang

  • Date09/04/2020
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Taking a break while hiking on the Hallasan mountain

All-girls trips are all the rage these days, and with good reason. It is an ideal opportunity to let go of the stress of daily life and let your hair down. There are no husbands or boyfriends or children to take care of. Instead, you have for company your girlfriends. An unbroken stretch of ‘me-time’ peppered with long chat sessions, hours of relaxation and indulging yourself-- doesn’t it sound like heaven?


Choose Jeju Island for your next all-girls trip. Gift yourself and your girlfriends the vacation of a lifetime. On the biggest island of South Korea, you can pamper yourself in every way imaginable. From luxurious spa sessions to a relaxing soak in a hot spring, from premium resorts to pristine beaches, from high-end restaurants to vibrant night-life, Jeju has something for everyone. If you are the type of traveller who doesn’t compromise with quality and comfort, you can’t go wrong with Jeju.



Spa Sessions to Soothe Your Senses

Luxury Hay Bath at Spa Therapy Center, Hanwha Resort, Jeju Island 
(Credit: Jeju Tourism Organization) 

A trip to the spa is just what the doctor ordered to beat the stress of daily life. And Jeju is one of the most luxurious spa destinations in the world. There are so many high-end spas on the volcanic island that you and your girlfriends can have a different spa session every day of your holiday!

You must try the hot springs of Jeju. The hot water rich in minerals soothes your muscles and melts stress away. The Sanbangsan Mountain Carbonate Hot Springs and the Jeju Aragonite Hot Springs offer decadent hot spring sessions.

Hot spring done? Now head to Jeju’s most exclusive local therapy at the Spa Ara. These luxurious massages with aromatic oils get rid of toxins from the body. There’s an outdoor hinoki bath where you can get a relaxing massage with the sound of the waves adding to your sense of peace.

The L’Occitane spa must also feature in your itinerary. Share a glass of bubbly with the girl gang as the traditional massage techniques soothe you.

That’s not all! You can shop for authentic Korean beauty products at the premium Innisfree Flagship Store. Their cosmetics are internationally renowned and one of the best in the world. Imagine hours of bliss as you and your girlfriends browse through their mind-boggling varieties of products, or try your hand at making organic soap. Now that’s a true vacation!


Dream Resorts for a Dream Holiday

The We Hotel, Jeju (Credit: The We Hotel, Jeju)

Of course you’ve bought the latest designer resort-wear for your beach vacation. And you need a backdrop that’s ideal to show off your beautiful clothes. After all, that’s what perfect Instagram photos are made of. Jeju will spoil you with choice in this department as well. The island is dotted with opulent beach resorts.

The We is a premium health resort nestled amid Mount Hallasan. You can pose in your colourful sarongs and swimsuits in their indoor and outdoor pools. Take leisurely laps of the pools and sip cocktails to cool off. The property is sprawled across forests, where you can sit at a shady spot and indulge in a gossip session with your friends.

The Shilla is equally Instagram-worthy. The resort has a big swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, a perfect spot for relaxing. Some of their best suites have ocean views from all rooms.

Other premium resorts are the Lotte Hotel and Jeju Shinhwa World Marriott.


Party in Style

The roof opening up at midnight at The Dome Nightclub, Jeju Island
(Credit: www.kraveler.com) 

You’ve left your responsibilities at home and want to let your hair down on your vacation. That calls for a party, right? Take your little black dresses on an outing to the Aroma Super Dome nightclub. One of the flashiest nightclubs in Jeju, The Dome has four floors, and you might feel like you’ve been transported to Las Vegas. The interiors are futuristic. The music is loud. The tipple is heady. The experience is unforgettable.

Bull’s Darts is a popular bar with women travelers. Fun fact: the underground bar runs a monthly darts league for women. Bull’s Darts stays open till 4 am on weekdays and till 5 am on weekends, so the fun need not stop with the clock.

If you and your girlfriends love a good glass of beer, head to Modern Time. Or you can try your luck at gambling in many of the casinos run by the hotels. Its your vacation and you deserve to feel like a superstar!



Get your Taste Buds Tingling

Mint cafe at Phoenix Island, Jeju 

You can say goodbye to your diets on vacation. Book a meal at the Mint on Phoenix Island. We guarantee that you and your gal pals will love it. The high-end restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows which look out to the blue sea. As the sunlight caresses the warm wooden floors, dig into a sumptuous Korean meal.  

D-Stone Pub is another premium restaurant with stunning views of the ocean. Sit on their patio and enjoy some pork cutlets and imported tap beer. Or try the vegan fare at Dasoni, set in the Zen-like atmosphere of a garden.

Will be a Whale Cafe is a popular destination for food lovers. In addition to delicious desserts and coffee, this trendy cafe also has breathtaking views of the ocean on its menu!



Thrilling Experiences, Memories of a Lifetime

Yacht tours in Jeju Island

The perfect all-girls vacation is not only about relaxation and pampering. Girls love thrill too! And Jeju packs a punch as far as adventure is concerned.

Book a hot air balloon ride for a bird’s eye view of the island. Sail on your very own private yacht and feel like celebrities. Go kayaking at Hado Beach, and marvel at the underwater treasures of Jeju. The transparent kayaks are a must, for they offer an unobstructed view of the water-world. You can try the Seogwipo Submarine and travel underwater. Or go scuba-diving at Seongsang. For the more adventurous girl gangs, hiking on the Hallasan montain or the Seonsang Sunrise Peak is a must-do. This mini volcano is the most popular tourist spot in Jeju, and deservedly so.

Horseback riding is another fun activity that will make you feel like royalty. Try the 100 kilometre riding course at Jeju. They offer various packages for beginners and experts, so first-timers need not worry.

The O’Sulloc Tea Museum is a must-visit. Shaped like a teacup, this museum delves into the history and geography of the beloved beverage. You can taste various types of tea and relax at their indoor lotus pond. Mandarin picking is also a fun, relaxing activity to enjoy with your girlfriends.

Amazing self-drive experiences in Jeju Island

One of the best ways to savour Jeju Island is to opt for self-driving. It’s very easy to rent a car from the airport. You can rent a spacious, luxurious car so that all your friends can travel together. Driving your way around the island means you can set the pace for your own holiday, and not stick to itineraries. You can go anywhere you want, whenever the mood strikes. Not to mention, self-driving is a wonderfully liberating feeling! All you need is an internationally valid driving license.


What’s more, Jeju is well-connected by flights from India. Cathay Pacific operates flights to Jeju via Hong Kong from all metro cities in India. So you need not spend too much time on the boring details of booking a trip, and instead focus on having a great time. Isn’t that what a vacation is all about? So call your girlfriends and start planning. Drop in a note to the Korea Tourism Organization New Delhi office at india@knto.or.kr for information, help and suggestions.