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Korail Offers Discount on KTX & Raises Age Cap for Naeillo Pass

  • Date10/15/2019
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With Korail’s recent discount offer, visitors can now travel short distances within Seoul metropolitan areas at the price of 5,000 won, which is 40% off from the original fare. The discounted rate applies to travel routes from Seoul or Yongsan Station to Haengsin or Gwangmyeong Station. Tickets can be purchased one day before or on the day of the departure date at ticket booths inside the train stations. Take note that the penalty fee is higher than regular tickets in the case of refund and changing tickets to a different time and date is not allowed after the initial purchase. Also, as this offer only applies to last minute remaining seats, the discount may not be available depending on train schedule and seat availability. This discount offer is available until December 31, 2019.

Korail is also raising the age cap for Naeillo Pass eligibility from age 27 to age 34. This change will be applied starting from this December up until next December. Naeillo Pass is a ticket voucher that offers unlimited rides in winter (December-February) and summer (June-August) within a designated time period. The voucher is available as a 3-day pass, 5-day pass, and 7-day pass. Detailed information on the updated Naeillo Pass is planned to be posted on Korail’s official website near the end of this year.

International visitors can buy the Naeillo Pass offline at Travel Guide Centers within major train stations, including Seoul Station, Yongsan Station, and Cheongnyangni Station. Naeillo Pass holders can take advantage of free seats on ITX-Cheongchun, ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Nuriro, and Mugunghwa trains for unlimited number of times until the voucher’s expiration date.

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