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10 Amazing And Unusual Experiences You Just Cannot Miss On Your Trip To South Korea

  • Date09/25/2018
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In recent years, the world seems to be reeling under the influence of Korean culture. Everything from K-pop to Korean beauty brands seem to have made their way into our lives. But for all the popularity, South Korea is still a relatively offbeat destination for travellers. And while kimchi and Korean bbq might be the first few words that come to mind when someone mentions South Korea, this country of 51 million people offers a plethora of activities that you might not find anywhere else in the world! We're talking about some of the funkiest experiences you will ever come across.

If you're planning a trip to the Land of the Morning Calm, we give you a list of quirky experiences that you absolutely shouldn't miss:

1.       Have a spa session like no other at a Korean bath house

2.       Go on Korean food tour in Seoul

3.       Go for a date at one of the many themed cafes

4.       Try unusual snacks and finger foods

5.       Enrol yourself for a Korean alcohol tasting class

6.       Go shopping at night or at dawn

7.       Stay in a traditional Korean house

8.       Explore Gangnam – the source of the Korean Wave

9.       Spend a day at erotic-themed parks

10.   Go on a DMZ tour


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